New Guitar Lesson Website Launches for Heavy Metal Guitar Fans

Simon Revill Music releases free eBook – Metal Rhythm Guitar Starter Guide

Simon Revill, an online guitar teacher who specializes in teaching heavy metal guitar, has launched his new website promote the new site, he’s written a free e-Book for heavy metal guitar fans entitled:Metal Rhythm Guitar Starter Guide.The downloadable eBook is aimed at guitar players who are just starting out in metal, but it also caters for more intermediate and advancing players who wish to improve upon their playing ability.

The book, which is over 200 pages in length, contains helpful photos to guide the reader with essential guitar techniques. In addition, it contains over 130 exercises with guitar tablature and audio examples to make the learning process as easy and fun as possible.

The book covers key topics specifically related to metal rhythm guitar playing, including:

  • Guitar and Amp Settings for Metal
  • Power Chords– How To Find Any Power Chord You’ll Ever Need
  • Metal Rhythms – Gallop Rhythms / Triplets / Alternate Picking Techniques
  • Palm-Muting Exercises – Getting The Best Sound For Metal
  • Legato Techniques – Hammer-Ons / Pull-Offs / Slides
  • Recommended Listening / Guitar Tuning Advice …and much more!

About Simon Revill: Simon is a full-time guitar teacher and guitar transcriber based in the UK, established in 2009. He offers a custom guitar solo transcription service and gives private guitar lessons online via Skype.

Metal Rhythm Guitar Starter Guide can be downloaded for free at:

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