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Myglobalmind Video Premiere for Killer Bee “Shout It Out” Official



We are delighted to announce the premiere NEW video from Hard Rockers and friends of the site, Killer Bee and it’s new video “Shout It Out”. Please check it out and spread the word. If you missed our official review of their new Killer album titled “Eye in the Sky”, please read here.


Killer Bee – Shout It Out (Official Music Video)

Killer Bee are back with a new long awaited album – ‘Eye in the Sky’ – out now.  It has been over two years since their last release, and the wait has proven to be worth it, as this new record is quintessential Killer Bee.  The writing team of Rönnblom / Frank has done it again, as they deliver their well-honed 70´s style of rock – a la Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and the Scorpions.  

Well known for their back to basic raw sound, Killer Bee have not swayed from their trademark style.  And all the expected ingredients are included – hard and heavy riffs, signature vocals, and of course, the classic Hammond sound, which can be sampled via the links below:


Since the early ‘90s, the Bees have been delivering the sting…and now the hive has let the swarm loose!
The last couple of years have not been without trials and tribulations though – member changes, injuries, and production hold-ups have made this era a roller coaster ride for the band.
However, the band managed to persevere, as 2015 saw Killer Bee embark on an extensive US tour (covering over 40 cities in no less than 35 states), and the future is only looking brighter.

Radio programmers worldwide have begun to take notice, as Killer Bee are receiving positive responses to their music – climbing on playlists everywhere.
And alongside the new release, Killer Bee are currently in the planning stages for touring both Europe and North America.

Speaking about highlights from the recording sessions, Brian “Bee” Frank the lead singer and producer of the new record
states, “‘Shout It Out’ is the ultimate 70´s feel with the screaming Jon Lord/Hammond playing by Denny DeMarchi. I remember when he was recording that solo. One take and it was done. At the end Denny said, ‘I can do it better,’ I said ‘No! It´s done!’ What a great moment. During the 90´s, Anders and I had a writing system…he played I sang. A song done normally it took no more than 30 minutes to get a song done. The last three albums have had a slightly different approach but on the writing of ‘The Fight,’ it was a magical moment. Back to the old school formula. 15 minutes.”

So catch a buzz and feel the sting…Killer Bee are BACK! Join the swarm!


1     Eye in the Sky
2     Shout It Out
3     One Step Closer
4     Higher and Higher
5     Face the Night
6     The Flight
7     Get on Board
8     Joystick Warrior
9     Right Between the Eyes  
10     By My Side


Brian “Bee” Frank – Vocals
Anders “LA” Rönnblom – Bass
Andre Hägglund – Guitar
Chris Sjöström – Guitar
Shawn Duncan – Drums & Percussion
Denny DeMarchi – Keys

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