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Cincinnati, OH — LiViD return with a new music video for “Supernatural” from their latest album As It Happens as the band kicks off 2017.  Directed by Bang Out Films, the clip exhibits the power of the quintet’s rhythmically driven, melodic modern heavy rock.  The band has been cultivating their own unique, genre-defying brand of sonic and visual intensity over the last decade and a half.  With every performance, those in attendance are immersed emotional spectrum of the human experience.  Often, as chaotic and unpredictable, as beautifully pristine. The band collectively offers a synopsis of their repertoire stating, “These are not simply feelings or emotions.  They weave the fibers of the fabric that makes up OUR human experience.  LiViD aims to construct passionate, inspired music, capable of impacting anyone familiar with the highs and lows that life has to offer.  For those who aren’t yet familiar, welcome. We’ve been expecting you…”

The Cincinnati City Beat’s review of As It Happens shared, “…the album is crisply produced and impressive from start to finish, showcasing the band’s broad-view approach to Hard Rock, which combines air-tight rhythms and riffs and more brutal, in-your-face elements with soaring, arena-ready hooks and dynamic song arrangements, sounding a little like a pristine blend of Fall Out Boy, Korn and Deftones. Finding the intersection of grinding, grunting heaviness and accessibility makes them perfectly suited for commercial Rock radio stations. Don’t be surprised if As It Happens pushes LiViD to the next level and into the national spotlight.”

When asked about “Supernatural” specifically, front man Chris Ross offers a deep connection to the lyrical direction of the song.  His long tenure as a caregiver at a children’s hospital has placed him in the positon of being present as medical conditions became insurmountable.  He shares, “It’s an homage to the bonds developed by embracing our sentient side and aggressively enjoying life.  It also has a lot to do with clearing my head from the people I’ve had the fortunate and unfortunate chance to support, and attempt to bring life back.   I have to bring it back within me daily.  I’m glad I could be there for them as they faced adversity, and inevitably there is nothing easy about facing death.”  LiViD is Ross on lead vocals, Doug Morgan (percussion, vocals, samples), Todd Brower (guitar). D Ruckus (bass, vocals) and Steve Dirr (guitar).


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