Mangog – Mangog Awakens Review

Simply put, there is no way you can't enjoy every minute of this album if you're a doom metal fan!...

Released by: Mangog

Release Date: January 9th, 2017

Genre: Doom Metal

Reverb Nation:



Myke wells – Vocals
Bert Hall Jr. – Guitars and Vocals
Darby Cox – Bass
Mike Rix – Drums



1. Time Is A Prison
2. Meld
3. Ab Intra
4. Of Your Deceit
5. Into Infamy
6. Modern Day Concubine
7. A Tongue Full Of Lies
8. Daydreams Within Nightmares
9. Eyes Wide Shut


We were stoked when this review came to us. Having seen Mangog earlier in the year at the Maryland Doom Fest, we, like the rest of the doom fans, were eagerly awaiting Mangog’s first full-length release. Coming just a year after their 2015 EP ‘Daydreams Within Nightmares’, ‘Mangog Awakens‘ has set the tone for the new year with a blistering new doom record.

None of the band’s members are new to this style of music, Bert Hall Jr. (Revelation and Against Nature), Darby Cox (Major Company), Mike Rix (Iron Man) and Myke Wells (Final Answer) have put together a great sound.
Mangog sets the tone with the first track ‘Time Is A Prison’, a hard hitting, perfect song to start the album off. If your not paying attention, the alarm at the songs end, lets you know it’s time to LISTEN UP!

Each time a song starts, you never know which direction they’re going to take you. Constantly changing pace from track to track. Mangog pulls this off with ease. ‘Meld’ could be the favorite off this album. A faster feel to it, it has a great guitar riff that makes you want to keep going back to the beginning of this one to hear it again. ‘Ab Intra’, one of the three songs carried over from the first EP, is everything you could want from a doom song. Low tuned guitars, pounding bass, great vocals. Just plain awesome!

The songs ‘Of Your Deceit’ (from first EP) and ‘A tongue Full Of Lies’ are the low and slow you expect from doom metal. The two songs sandwich ‘Into Infamy’, and “Modern Day Concubine’ a couple of faster paced songs, and you’ll find yourself playing air guitar and jamming along.

‘Daydreams Within Nightmares’ is the last of the three songs brought from the first EP. Another change of pace that works so well throughout this record. It sets up the final song well. ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ is another favorite off an album filled with favorites. A killer closing song that ends the record like a doom hammer slamming down to finalize the last forty-five minutes.

Mangog has hit their stride and made a mark for themselves with their second release. Proving again how good the doom scene is in the Maryland area. We’ve seen them live, and there is no doubt you’ll want to do the same when they hit the road.

Even though we are just starting the new year out, there is no question that this record will be tossed around on a lot of “best of” lists at year’s end. No matter how many times you listen to this album, it’s not enough and you find yourself wanting more, It is that good! Simply put, there is no way you can’t enjoy every minute of this album if you’re a doom metal fan!


Written by: Pam and Mark Schaff

Ratings: 10/10


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