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Artemisia – Rito Apotropaico Review

Released by: Onde Roar Records

Release Date: 03 February 2017

Genre: Rock, Melodic Stoner

Links: artemisiaband facebook


Line Up:

Anna Ballarin – Vocals

Vito Flebus – Guitars

Ivano Bello – Bass

Gabriele “Gus” Gustin – Drums



01. Apotropaico

02. Il Giardino Violato

03. Tavola Antica 

04. Iside 75

05. La Guida

06. La Preda

07. Regina Guerriera

08. Senza Scampo


Artemisia returns with their fourth album entitled “Rito Apotropaico”.  The eight songs long album will be released on February 3. “Rito Apotropaico” is a journey which explores topics as mystery, legends, the afterlife, the human soul nuances, fears and beliefs. Musically this album is darker and more robust than the band’s other works. It is clear that this is the result of the band’s growth and musical maturity.

The album opens with the song “Apotropaic”. This track has a healthy sound mixed with a gospel choir intro that overtones a mantra specially written by Maestro Massimo Devitor. The text speaks of how man has always approached the mysterious world to avert everything in life.

“Il Giardino Violato” it is a beautiful song about the delicate and social problem of child abuse and maltreatment. The song begins with a little girl singing a lullaby. The sound is powerful to match a powerful message. “Simply an angel, pure every tear his torment … cold …”

The track, “Tavola Antica”, exams the use of the Ouija board that is used to communicate with the dead. The song’s protagonist tries to evoke a guide who leads his path and in an attempt to overcome her anxieties, not knowing of the dangers that could befall her.With “Iside” we are faced with the rite of the Great Mother from the Celtic Wicca folklore. Astoner’s riffs give a sense of importance to this ceremony.

“La Preda” is inspired by the image of the hunter and his prey, the whole story is narrated by the fugitive.

The song “Regina Guerriera” tells the legend of Artemisia of Halicarnassus. This track has a heavy sound by adding gender prog which among other things are all over the album.

To close off this record, we are serenaded with the beautiful ballad “Senza Scampo”. This track exposes us the terrible subject of the World War 2 Holocaust, which includes the deportees lined up in a row. Once having realized their destiny is death, they dare each other in asking for mercy from an Aryan soldier, a mercy which never comes. This track uses the violin sound of Maestro Carlo Marzaroli.


Written by: Valeria Campagnale 

Rating: 8/10      


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