Armored Saint – Carpe Noctum Review

Released by: Metal Blade Records

Release date: 24 February 2017

Genre: Metal

Links:  metalblade.com,  Facebook, Twitter


Line Up: 

John Bush – Vocals

Joey Vera – Bass

Phil Sandoval – Guitar

Jeff Duncan – Guitar

Gonzo Sandoval – Drums


Track list:

01. Win Hands Down

02. March Of The Saint

03. Stricken By Fate

04. Last Train Home

05. Mess

06. Aftermath

07. Left Hook From Right Field

08. Reign of Fire


Formed in Los Angeles during 1982 Armored Saint have all over the world shared stages with hard rock’s heaviest hitters including Alice Cooper, Scorpions and Metallica to name a few. While not quite ascending to the levels of fame as some of their contemporaries, the band have on the back of their consistent and hard rocking body of work, built a very loyal fan base. Amored Saints have always been a highly regarded live act, not only in their home town of LA, but in every country they toured. The 1989 live album, “Saints Will Conquer”, was the only album to capture their live act energy with unnerving accuracy, until now…

Coming February 24th will see the release, via Metal Blade Records, of the only live album since 1989’s “Saints Will Conquer”.  

Recorded live at the 2015 Waken Open Air Music Festival and includes the band’s headlining show in Aschaffenburg, Germany. “Carpe Noctum” showcases the band’s high energy live shows and the powerful voice of vocalist John Bush.

The album was funded in part through a 2016 PledgeMusic.com campaign. Participating in this campaign, the most die hard fans, at various levels of pledges, would be entitled to receive a wide variety of goodies which includes: CD or vinyl versions of the release as well as from signed CD’s and drum heads to hand written lyrics. Even a 20 minute personal call from the band is on offer.

Clocking in at just 38 minutes, the 8 song release may be a little short for some fans, but it did what a good live release album should do, showcasing the band in front of their fans. This album left me wanting more. I am definitely going to check them out next time they come to my area.

Rating: 8/10

Written by: David Burke

*Contains information from additional sources: Metal Blade Records Press Release and Pledgemusic.com


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