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Nidingr premiere new single / video – Heimdalargaldr

Press pictures by Jon Levi Pedersen

Nidingr release their fourth album in 2017, titled The High Heat Licks Against Heaven, an album drenched in Norse mythology, and names from the younger and older Edda appears throughout in the lyrics.

The album drifts in the middle of black and death metal, but with the Norse theme it creates a unique and fresh breath of sound. To put it mildly, this is a brutal and honest metal record.

In advance of the new album, the band premiere Heimdalargaldr  on February 1st, through MyGlobalMind. 

The High Heat Licks Against Heaven, was being worked on intensely for two years, where they took a deep dive into the old English translations of the older and younger Edda from the 18th century. They are continuously striving towards authenticity and shapes the music partly around the theme and the text material, which in broad terms talks about the great and classical themes like death, afterlife, war and the many majestic personalities from the mythology. The band states that in a thematic world like this they have chosen to take a more theatric approach to their material. In addition it is relevant to mention that they wrote the text material and music separately and sculpted them together in the meeting of those two afterwards.

The songs are characterized by heavy riffs in a glassy but dirty sound, with at times some melodies with melancholic atmospheres, steady tempi with an almost marching undertone. The vocals hangs on in the top of the sound wall with a drive, power and quality one rarely hears. With Cpt.Estrella Grasa on vocals, Teloch (Mayhem, Gorgoroth, God Seed) on guitar, Destructhor (Myrkskog, Morbid Angel) on backing vocals, Myrvoll on drums and SIR (Gaahls Wyrd, Trelldom, God Seed) on bass, the music is shaped to a monolith of an album in an unmitigated an authentic style.


Hangagud / Surtr / The Ballad Of Hamther / On Dead Body Shore / Gleipnir / Sol Taker / Ash Yggdrasil / Heimdalargaldr / Valkyries Assemble / Naglfar is Loosed





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