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Sainted Sinners – Sainted Sinner Review

Released by: El Puerto Records Gbr

Release Date:  24 February 2017

Genre: Hard Rock



Line Up:

David Reece Voice
Frank Pané Guitar
Ferdy Doernberg Keyboard
Frederik Burkert Bass
Maestro Berci Hirleman Drum



01. Knight Of The Long Knives
02. Beauty In The Beast
03. Maybe She’s Got Balls
04. We Are All Sainted Sinners
05. Blue Lightning Man
06. The Love That I Have Found
07. Did You
08. In Need
09. Evangeline
10. Shine Diamond Girl
11. Truth Is A Lie


The crux of Sainted Sinners is the pureness of rock’n’roll, this’s the real essence of their self-titled debut album.

It was written and produced by Frank Pané and David Reece, partly recorded at Sound Design in Germany with Robbie Hochwind during mid-summer 2016, as well as in early fall 2016 by Mario Percudani at the Tanzan Music Studios. The final mastering was done by Daniele Mandelli at Tanzan Music Studios in late fall 2016.

Eleven tracks inspired by the bands that deeply install these musicians as ultimate inspiration; Deep Purple, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin, Rainbow, Whitesnake, Ufo and much more. A majestic project realized by five well-known and experienced musicians.

Fronted by David Reece, ex Accept’s singer, Frank Pané at the guitar, Freddy Doernberg, ex-Helloween, Therion and Holy Moses, at the keyboard, while the rhythm section is entrusted to Frederik Burkert, Purpendicular, at the bass and maestro Berci Hirleman at the drum.

The supergroup’s name Sainted Sinners, may well offer similarities from Whitesnake’s album “Saints And Sinners”

Melodic and powerful music, the nostalgic and styled sound of hard rock, blues and metal flashes, this’s the mix that composes this brilliant album.

The band released their first single and related video of “We Are All Sainted Sinners”, a real gorgeous song mottled with Southern Rock undertones.

“Sainted Sinners” really grabbed at me at first listen with it’s freshness, although the band based this work on old school bands, it seems the band gives again a new nod to Rock grooves of the past while sounding edgier. Add great music and powerful voice make this album bigger, this’s the way to Rock and is damn good. Hopefully we see these guys pave the way for more music and not just a one time collaboration.

Hoping to see them on tour soon in Europe as well, a pure joy to listen to.

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You can also find the CD for pre-order here: AmazonNuclear BlastJPC


Written by: Valeria Campagnale 

Rating: 10/10      


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