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Evil Scarecrow, live at Electric Ballroom, London, Friday 3 February 2017

Words and Pictures – Kalli Isborne

With 6pm doors, this gig at the Electric Ballroom, Camden, was an early start, with the first support act on stage at 6.30pm. The doors did not open until 6.20 which left just enough time for a drop off at the cloakroom and a trip to the bar before the first support RSJ appeared on stage.

RSJ and The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing

The English band were to be the heaviest on the line up this evening, bringing their version of growly metal to the Camden audience. High with energy and loud with it JSJ soon got the masses warmed up with a tight enjoyable set.

Next up were The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing (TMTWNBBFN). What I can only call a unique band, TMTWNBBFN brought their Victorian, steampunk, punk, rock, pirate, story telling, history lesson show to the stage. With songs ranging from ‘This House is Not Haunted’ to ‘Brunel’ (yes a song about Isambard Kingdom Brunel) I’m not sure I have ever seen a band in the same genre as TMTWNBBFN, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

With lead vocalists Gerhard ‘Andy’ Heintz purple beard (yes purple) and Guitairist Andrew O’Neill’s on stage banter, political views and occasional foul language, TMTWNBBFN had the audience eating out of their hands, as well as headbanging, bouncing and in ‘Margate Fhtagn’ even doing a good ol’ fashion knees up, with all three movements required in one song. TMTWNBBFN are well worth catching if they are ever in your local area.

Evil Scarecrow

So, for the headline act, Evil Scarecrow. These gents have audience participation down to almost Rocky Horror show perfection. Including members of the audience dressing up and participating in orchestrated dancing, the likes of which have not been seen at a rock gig since, well never! Coming onstage to an edited version of Scorpions ‘Rock Me like a Hurricane’ it was clear that Evil Scarecrow are here this evening to entertain, and entertain they did.

From reading prayers from the ‘Book of Doom’ to calling their Keyboard player a Bastard, this was a very entertaining set. Vocalist Dr. Rabid Hell was clear and his showmanship was on top form, ably assisted by Brother Dimitri Pain on lead guitar, and was luckily wearing underpants under his robe.

Halfway through the set Robototron was enthusiastically received by the assembled crowd, giving them the perfect excuse to, as one, dance like a robot along with the band and DIY robot on stage. With their being an early curfew of 9.45pm the evening flew by, and before we knew it we were into the encore. Hurricanado was the first of the bands two encore songs and as their latest release it needed to be in somewhere. The evening ended with blow up crabs flying everywhere during Crabulon, where else would you see that, and all before 9.45pm.

A great gig, extremely fun and great sets from all three bands.

Evil Scarecrow Setlist

The Architect of Hate
Frankingstein’s Mirror
Book of Doom
Dance of the Cyclops
Morbid Witch
Space Dementia
Blacken The Everything
End Level Boss

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