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Nick Douglas- Regenerations Review

Released by: Metalville

Genre: Rock

Release date: 24 February 2017


Line up:

Nick Douglas – Pretty much everything

Johnny Dee – Drums

Harrison Young – Backing Vocals

Rebecca Gowarty – Lied and backing vocals

Cassi – Violin



  1. Come Alive
  2. All on me
  3. Before You Break
  4. I Need Real
  5. Didn’t we Try
  6. My Lucky Day
  7. Uncomfortable
  8. The Soul You Keep
  9. Blackwood
  10. You Break
  11. Blue


American Musician Nick Douglas brings us a solo album, all of his own. The Doro bassist devoted time to this album during touring breaks from both Doro and Chris Caffery’s tours, resulting in Regenerations being recorded and produced mainly at Nick Douglas’s own studio, with Nick Douglas playing all but a few instruments himself. With the songs written over a 15 year period, the result is apparently a contemporary rock album.

The album opens with Come Alive, which does not make me feel the same. For some reason, I felt as if I had been transferred back to the 1980’s with the Frankie Goes to Hollywood vibe of the opening track. All On Me is a punk rock track, with not enough punk nor rock. Things slow down for Before you Break,  before picking up the tempo in I Need Real, and them slowing again for Didn’t We Try. The album follows along in a similar vein, and I’m finding it difficult to differentiate between one song from the next. For some reason, this album reminds me of James Blunt, all very radio friendly, pleasing to the masses, very soft rock. It takes until track ten, You Break, for me to sit up and think, ooh, I like that one, and it’s the only one that stands out on this album as it has some emotion from Nick’s vocals.

OK, so I get that this album took 15 years to make in-between tours, but for me, it feels about 30 years out of date. This would have been a great album in the eighties, but not now. It is too bland and too much like James Blunt or Coldplay for it to appeal to the rock masses.


Reviewed by Kalli Isborne

Rating: 5/10


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