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Danko Jones – Wild Cat Review

Label: AFM Records

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: March 3rd, 2017



I Gotta Rock
My Little Rock’n’Roll
Going OutTonight
You Are My Woman
Do This Every Night
Let’s Start Dancing
Wild Cat
She Likes It
Success in Bed
Diamond Lady
Revolution (But The We Make Love)


Toronto, ON is a great city. The Blue Jays, the Waterfront area with the lake and the CN Tower, all exciting things to watch and experience. It’s a vital city with a positive vibe that makes you feel home very easily. It’s not a surprise that the city comes with a great music scene too and Danko Jones is a part of it.

The charismatic singer and guitarist is a steady part of rock and metal too, with a bunch of studio records in his musical backpack.

Not only that Danko Jones release good records, it’s his passion for music that makes his live shows even more intense than what comes on a regular cd. However, new songs are important too and after having released “Fire Music” in 2015 the Canadian musician puts a new disc on the market. This time he’s inspired by the energy of a wild cat and as a logical consequence, the title for the record was found – “Wild Cat”.

The opener “I Gotta Rock” is an energizer in the typical Danko Jones fashion. Spot on and to the point, that’s what the tune is about, followed by the hammering “My Little Rock’n’Roll”. A more melodic number, entitled “Going Out Tonight”, a song that combines a great rock’n’roll vibe with a punk simplicity, rounds off this starting trilogy. “You are My Woman” is reminding in parts of Thin Lizzy before “Do This Every Night” focuses on a mighty beat and a grooving bassline. With “Let’s Start Dancing” the frontman moves into a fast and furious mode. This tune is more like a melodic riot than a proper dance song.

What’s next? The title track. It reminded me in some way to Blackfoot since the tune has a certain Southern expression while still being 100% Danko Jones. The rest of the album can easily live up to the mentioned songs. Danko Jones can maintain a high-quality level throughout.

As with the predecessors also “Wild Cat” is a powerful rock beast that will create extra excitement in the group of Danko Jones fans. And in case you missed the Canadian axeman so far, you should give this album a chance. Excellent music and great entertainment. Stay hungry, stay wild, become a “Wild Cat”.


Reviewer: Markus Wiedenmann

Rating:  8/10


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