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Mike Tramp – Maybe Tomorrow Review

Label: Target Records
Genre: Rock
Release Date EU: February 24th, 2017



Mike Tramp (v/g)
Soren Andersen (g)
Morten Hellbirn (d)
Jesper Haugaard (b)
Morten Buchholz (key)



Coming Home
It’s Not How We Do It
Would I Lie to You
Rust and Dust
Leaving One Day
Time and Place
What More Can I Say
Why Even Worry at All
Maybe Tomorrow


Next, to the fact that Danish singer Mike Tramp released quite some records featuring excellent songs it is his willpower to continue with rock music, even though times got tougher after having had a huge success with White Lion and partly Freak Of Nature. Tramp never gave up, releasing solo albums that all contain excellent songs, filled with passion and love.

“Maybe Tomorrow” is Tramp’s next strike and it’s already album number six in his solo record discography. He recorded this album at Medley Studio in Copenhagen and he did again the heavy lifting together with Soren Andersen, like with many other discs before. Next, to Andersen, it’s a quite stable line-up Tramp works with. Morten Hellborn, Jesper Haugaard, and Morten Buchholz have been already part of “Nomad” in 2015 and they are also part of the game when it comes to the newest disc.

In total ten brand, new tunes made it on the album and each of them is a very personal one. Things start with “Coming Home” which is a light-hearted rock song with a positive vibe – just like ‘coming home’. “It’s Not How We Do It” rocks, even more, blending catchy melodies and an energetic rock attitude.

No doubt that the record also comes with some silent tracks. They are well-placed breaks on the album and it’s the melancholic “Would I Lie to You” that’s first, somewhere half way down the road. It’s a beautiful song that is touching, something that goes even more for the moving “Time and Place”. Both songs sound very authentic, being more than just a silent track on a rocking record.

Towards the end songs get more powerful again before the soulful title track rounds off a disk that is more than just a solid rock album.

“Maybe Tomorrow” is another shining pearl in Tramp’s solo career. If you get excited by very well-crafted rock music that includes heart and soul, you should check this album.


Reviewer: Markus Wiedenmann

Rating:  8/10


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