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DAXX & ROXANE – Ticket to Rock review

Released by: Justice Brothers Records
Release date: 10th March 2017

Line up:
Simon Golaz,  Rhythm Guitar and Harmonica, 
Luca Senaldi,  Drums, 
Cedric Pfister, Vocals and bass ,
Cal Wymann,  Lead guitar,

1. Ticket to Rock
2. Girl Next Door
3. House of Nothing
4. Lust & Love
5. Leaving for Tomorrow
6. Wrong Side
7. Good Vibes
8. What Was
9. Wild Child
10. Hard Rockin’ Man

Daxx & Roxane first caught my attention when I reviewed their debut EP 4 x 4 back in June 2016. Their infectious blend of hard rock made a big impression on me and I’ve been waiting impatiently for the album ever since…

I’ve had the good fortune to see these guys play live on a couple of occasions in the interim so I thought I had a vague idea of what I could anticipate from the full length release. I was wrong….

Title track “Ticket to Rock” kicks this album into action with screaming guitars, heavy drums and catchy lyrics. This is an Adrenalin filled party tune which was released on single in early December 2016 and has been played regularly on Planet Rock ever since – not surprising really, as opening tracks go this one is particularly fierce…

Two heavy, hard hitting songs previously released on EP “Girl Next Door” and “Wrong Side” are both featured on the album. As I have already dissected these tracks in a previous review I will suffice to say they are both epic rock tunes, well deserving of repeat play. Having been hooked on “Wrong Side” since I first heard it, I can detect a few musical variations between the EP and the album recordings but both versions are equally impressive.

Moving on to the newest offerings…featuring striking vocals, blistering guitar and amazing rhythm, ”House of Nothing” has a heavily addictive, hard rocking 80’s vibe to it, lyrical repetition making it instantly catchy and easily memorable.

In contrast, “Lust and Love” is a blues heavy, testosterone filled track. The guitar on this song is nothing short of mind blowing and with the exception of the chorus it is strongly reminiscent of an early Zeppelin tune. Laced with harmonica and clever blues riffs this is undoubtedly one of the album highlights, the strength of vocals towards the abrupt end are particularly evocative.

A poignant ballad type track, “Leaving for Tomorrow”, takes us in yet another musical direction. Generally more mellow throughout than the rest of the album, it picks up pace here and there and transforms into something slightly heavier in places while still retaining an underlying emotive essence.

“What Was” features a repetitive catchy groove which sounds like it came straight out of the 70’s. Strongly nostalgic, this was an instant hit with me that I felt compelled to repeat several times.

Upbeat, fast moving track “Wild Child” turns surprising mild in an unexpected twist nearly halfway through. The vocals are phenomenal and the melody haunting before the brief interludes finishes and the music switches back to form with heavy guitar licks and amazing percussion. In all, this song is intoxicating.

The album concludes with “Hard Rockin’ Man” and not far into the track vocals are pushed to the limit with maximum effect. Seasoned with a nice bit of harmonica before the guitar really escalates, it finishes with a rambling blues riff, just for good measure…

I thought Daxx & Roxane had their niche firmly cemented in hard rock, but Ticket to Rock is a kick ass melting pot of various styles and influences, full of unexpected twists and turns, it showcases this bands virtuosity to the max, and where there exists talent such as this, the possibilities are limitless…

Reviewed by Karen Hetherington

SCORE: 10/10

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