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Nidingr – The High Heat Licks Against Heaven Review

Released by: Season of Mist

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Extreme Metal



Line Up:

Teloch – Guitars, Bass
SIR – Bass
Myrvoll – Drums



1. Hangaguð
2. Surtr
3. The Ballad of Hamther
4. On Dead Body Shore
5. Gleipnir
6. Sol Taker
7. Ash Yggdrasil
8. Valkyries Assemble
9. Heimdalargaldr
10. Naglfar Is Loosed


The latest 10 track offering from Norway’s NIDINGR titled The High Heat Licks Against Heaven is full of hooks and technical brutality that both old and new fans of the band will enjoy.

NIDINGR are founded by Norwegian black metal icons MAYHEM guitar player Teloch. The band returns with their third and most brutal release yet, full of twisted riffs and hard hitting fills that define empower them in the genre.

This release celebrates NIDINGR as the leaders of forward-thinking extreme music and total death worship! Which sets a new bar for extreme domination. As Teloch has been touring with MAYHEM in their anniversary tour of the landmark 1994 release De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas around the world, this release seems unexpected when finding the time to record and write with NIDINGR.

From the opening sharp riffs of Hangaguð this release sets the bar for caustic metal that showcases the band at the height of their powers. On Dead Body Shore highlights singer Cpt.Estrella Grasa’s vocal range from clean to vitriolic screams. Sol Taker leads into SIR’s bass technique that is dominant throughout the album with backing Myrvoll in neck breaking black metal motions. Heimdalargaldr unleashes the depths of hell upon listeners with Myrvoll behind the kit creating chaos with his blast beats and cutting fills.

The final track of the album is definitely a person highlight as each member is showcased in their unique talent. Teloch in particular plays a tri-tone hooked riff that has the Norwegian black metal tone from so many old bands. The album is well mastered in a way that the classic sound is there but with modern recording. The band has invited Norwegian singer MYRKUR to back the vocals with an operatic vocal harmony alongside the harsh sound of Cpt.Estrella Grasa. This track is one that stands out from the rest of the album and makes it a strong contender for extreme album of the year.

This month the NIDINGR will create a dark storm upon Rockefeller festival in Oslo, Norway on March 9th showcasing the album

NIDINGR The High Heat Licks Against Heaven is out now through the official NIDINGR website and Season of Mist. I think that all old and new fans of the band will enjoy picking up this album and attending the band’s upcoming shows.


Reviewer: David Bell

Rating: 9/10


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