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Eclipse – Monumentum Review

Label: Frontiers
Genre: Melodic Rock
Release Date: 24th March 2017


Line up:

Erik Mårtensson – Vocals, Guitars
Magnus Henriksson – Guitars
Philip Crusner – Drums
Magnus Ulfstedt – Bass



01.- Vertigo
02.- Never look back
03.- Killing me
04.- The downfall of Eden
05.- Hurt
06.- Jaded
07.- Born to lead
08.- For better or for worse
09.- No way back
10.- Night comes crawling
11.- Black Rain


After two years, the Swedish Rock band Eclipse will release their much anticipated follow up to “Armageddonize”, with a new album titled ” Monumentum”, this March 24th, via Frontiers Records. Eclipse has always been one of the very talented young Hard Rock bands around, and Lead Singer and Guitarists, Erik Mårtensson, is a great talent, as well as a top producer/songwriter for a lot of Frontiers Records projects.

“Vertigo”, the first single from “Monumentum”, is the pure power opener, the right song to start this beautiful work, “Vertigo” is just a vertiginous journey into the Eclipse’s world, such a good start.

“Never Look Back” featuring a full power guitar intro, a nod to the mainstream with easy choruses and is one of those songs that puts one in a good mood and makes you want to listen to it again and again. With “Killing me” it’s just a hard breeze, it is another track to play at maximum volume.

“The Downfall Of Eden” is another tune not to be soon forgotten, a track that involves with the vocal prowess of Erik Mårtensson in which features the quite, yet powerful singer, reaching new high levels, and Magnus Henriksson’s guitars make us fly and then re-land us in “Hurt” with a sweet intro song that reminds of Placebo’s first era.

Although it is a beautiful song, the fact remains that I don’t particularly like ballads. With “Jaded” we land back firmly our feet on the ground and continue keep rocking and so as well with “Born To Lead” where we find the Rock with a capital letter, a song much rougher of the previous track, very 80’s and damn convincing as the next track “For Better Or For Worse” drags us at the top of the peaks rock very well played. “No Way Back” where Magnus are engaged in an interesting intro, but it’s really nice song corresponding to the following “Night Comes Crawling” where we find Eclipse’s sound we really like. “Black Rain” it’s good structured and so exceptionally beautiful for the vocals and rhythm.

“Monumentum” is a very appropriate title, a truly gigantic disc sonically that will be successful and will delight the fans of pure Hard Rock like myself, a disc that will not fail in any expectations and should land on any Rock fans collection.


Reviewed by Valeria Campagnale

Rating: 8/10


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