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Night Ranger – Don’t Let Up Review

Label: Frontiers
Genre: Hard Rock
Release Date: 24th March 2017


Line up:

Jack Blades Bass, Vocals
Kelly Keagy Drums, Vocals
Brad Gillis Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Eric Levy Keyboards
Keri Kelli Lead and Rhythm Guitars



01. Somehow Someway
02. Running Out Of Time
03. Truth
04. Day And Night*
05. Don’t Let Up
06. Won’t Be Your Fool Again
07. Say What You Want
08. We Can Work It Out
09. Comfort Me
10. Jamie
11. Nothing Left Of Yesterday


Night Ranger has released their new album, self-produced by the band, entitled “Don’t Let Up” this past March 24th via Italian Frontiers Music Srl, it will be available in both a standard edition and a deluxe edition (featuring a bonus track and bonus DVD — physical format only). This is the 12th album by the band and it’s just a brilliant piece of rock and roll, a joy for the lovers of this genre, compiling still a sound hat’s redolent of that trademark 80’s sound with energy, power, and passion.

“Somehow Someway” is the opener, it sounds so fresh and easy to listen, good music and happy emotions come flowing out of this powerful track and Keri Kelli is golden as usual, the same energy is given in “Running Out Of Time”, a very cool song, which shines a light on Night Ranger’s label Rock sound.

“Truth” is more a modern rock track in relation to the previous songs, good work nonetheless. “Day And Night” brings me back to their classic sound but it’s in “Don’t Let Up” I find Night Ranger’s soul again. So groovy and simply great “Won’t Be Your Fool Again” just like “Say What You Want”. “We Can Work It Out”, the acoustic heart of Night Ranger, too sugary for my tastes but it’s a very good song, they take me back to their pure rock grooves with “Comfort Me” and Keri Kelli touches my heart again with his guitar solos as well as the tight licks from the ever dependable Brad Gillis.

Whilst another love song is showcased with “Jamie” it comes out absolutely great, well done. “Nothing Left Of Yesterday” ends this beautiful album with a great chorus. “Don’t Let Up” is an energetic, powerful tune great job courtesy of Mr Jack Blade’s vocals, good rhythms and explosive guitars where Keri Kelli show all his prowess yet again.

Cool and fresh Hard Rock played with passion by a genuine band that is Night Ranger, five incredible musicians who have made a piece of history. I’m sure “Don’t Let Up” will become one of the best album of this year as it’s just pure dynamite, music you listen to loud in your car, it makes me smile; a huge thanks to Keri Kelly as a personal favorite, he is a welcome addition to the band.

Year after year they’re still the same with their unmistakable sound and electric music, glad that Night Ranger are back, hope to see them live in Italy. This album is a must have for any Rockers, regardless if you grew up with the band or not.


Reviewed by Valeria Campagnale

Rating: 10/10


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