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DevilSkin Live at The Underworld, Camden Support: Eva Plays Dead, Sumo Cyco on March 22nd, 2017

Words and Pictures – Kalli Isborne



It was a slightly strange atmosphere at The Underworld on this Wednesday evening. Not only was it warm enough to just be in shirt sleeves, there was also the prospect of seeing, not one, not even two, but three, yes three female-fronted bands this evening. Plus, there was a small matter of an incident at Westminster earlier on in the day, but being Londoner’s, we did what we do best in a crisis and carried on regardless.

Opening the show for the evening were East Midlands based British Rockers Eva Plays Dead. Their set flew by in the blink of an eye, with front (wo)man Tiggy Dockerty bringing her version of punk rock to The Underworlds stage. Using every inch she could of that stage she and her band mates definitely warmed the Camden crowd up ready for the rest of the evening.Next up, all the way from Canada, Sumo Cyco, with hints of influences from No Doubt, and Rob Zombie, to name but a couple, this band were also fronted by a woman that rocks. Sever (aka Skye Sweetnam) threw herself around the stage, reminding us to ‘Fuck the Terrorists’ at any opportunity she could find. Bouncing around the stage there were times she almost collided with Matt ‘MD’ Drake on guitar and Ken ‘Thor’ Corke on bass. With the energy this lady has, that would have caused some explosion. If Sumo Cyco is coming anywhere near you then you NEED to check them out. Plus, they have worked with Benji Webb (Skindred), what else do you need as a reason.

Main headline act Devilskin had a lot to live up following two great warm up bands. Fortunately, there was no need to be concerned. Lead vocalist Jennie Skulander had The Underworld crowd entranced as soon as she appeared on stage. What followed was a master class in how to keep a venue following your every move and every note that came from her. If Devilskin doesn’t start playing bigger venues soon there is something wrong in this world of rock and metal that I love.

The majority of the set showcased Devilskin’s newest album ‘Be Like The River’ and halfway through the set we were treated to the latest single from the album, Voices. It was clear that The Underworld was full of diehard Devilskin fans as each and every one of them sang along to the latest single release with such fervor and knowledge that can only have come from hours and hours of listening to the album. The rest of Devilskin’s set disappeared in a blur of note followed by the perfect note, I’m not even sure I noticed how many songs were played I was having too much fun.

Devilskin Setlist
In Black
Start a revolution
House 13
Until you Bleed
Never See the Light
Little Pills



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