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Attalla – Glacial Rule Review

Released by: Attalla

Release Date: March 24, 2017

Genre: Heavy Rock / Stoner Rock




Guitar/ Vocals: Cody Stieg
Rhythm Guitar: Brian Hinckley
Bass: Bryan Kunde
Drums: James Slater

1. Butte Des Morts
2. Ice Harvest
3. Valderan
4. Black Wolf Rituals
5. Devil’s Lake
6. Glacial Rule


So far 2017 has given us many great releases, from many bands that are well known. Attalla has jumped into the mix with a heavy hitter of their own. We haven’t heard about these guys before this review, but we should have. They released their first LP back in 2014, a self-titled, and now have released their second album ‘Glacial Rule’, and it’s great!

Formed in 2012, this heavy band from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, have a great sound, and there are no songs worth flipping through on this record. This album is heavy as hell, the fuzz is plentiful and filled with crushing riffs, and anyone who loves stoner rock can’t resist this one.

The first track ‘Butte Des Mort’ is a crusher. At the first hit of the guitar, you could tell this was going to be heavy. It has a great stoner vibe right from the start. And the drums are killer. ‘Ice Harvest’ is a nice, heavy stoner rock tune. It’s a great fuzz jam that sounds amazing. The next song ‘Valderan’ is a killer track, digs down with some great guitar riffs, pounding drums in this slow and low jam.
‘Black Wolf Rituals’ continues the blazing pace this album cruises along at. We love the guitar on this one. ‘Devil’s Lake’ is the fastest song on the album. Has the same great guitar sound that drives this record from beginning to end. They drive this record home with the crushing tune ‘Glacial Rule’. Another heavy as a shit song, that screams for more when it’s done.

This album is filled with crushing riffs and pounding drums. The vocals are spot on and the guitar work is solid throughout, lots of fuzz. And the songs are well constructed and flow well to form into a great album. This record will fit well wherever to chose to add it to the playlist. If they get out on the road, make sure to get out and support them.


Written by: Pam and Mark Schaff

Ratings:  8/10


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