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Released by: Frontiers Music Srl

Release date: 12th May 2017


Line up:

Nathan James – Lead Vocals,

Andreas Eriksson – Lead guitar,

Drew Lowe – Rhythm guitar,

Colin Parkinson – Bass,

Phil Beaver – Drums,



1. I Don’t Need Your Loving

2. Taking the Blame

3. Tell Me Why

4. Read All About It

5. Change is Coming

6. Making Me Pay

7. Hell or High Water

8. No Good for You

9. I Got a Feeling

10. Black Magic

11. Faraway

12. High Class Woman

It’s been shortly over a year since Inglorious steamrolled onto the rock scene with their monumental self-titled album Inglorious. The immediate impact they made guaranteed them regular air play and several high profile gigs including opening the

2016 Ramblin Man Fair. I saw them play live on several occasions last year and they were a formidable act indeed. Its little wonder, therefore, that they already have an established following who have likely been enthusiastically awaiting the second instalment.

Their first offering was mighty impressive meaning the follow up, which has seemed a long time coming had a lot to live up to – no doubt the bands heavy touring schedule has impeded production. There’s a subtle change of style on this one, which to my ear is slighter mellower than the ‘all guns blazing’, hard rocking first album, their growing experimentation and experience clearly evident.

“I Don’t Need Your Loving” is pitched as the opening track and its serves well as such, its memorable music and lyrics demanding immediate attention. The vocals grow increasing strong and the guitar intensifies towards the end of the song which finishes with a slow fade out.

A soft rock song with bluesy undercurrents, “Making Me Pay” is musically reminiscent of a Whitesnake track, the vocals are high pitched and intense and its definitely one of the album highlights for me.

“Faraway” kicks off as a stunning acoustic track and I can detect a hint of Southern Rock here and there in the vocals. Although the guitar makes the transition to electric it doesn’t lose the feel of a ballad. I’ve heard Inglorious do acoustic live and they have it absolutely nailed, this is no exception and I was hooked on it straight off.

“Hell or High Water” has a dark and sinister beginning followed by screaming vocals and high intensity heavy rock. Like something you would expect from Iron Maiden, the guitar here is phenomenal and it’s probably the heaviest track on the album.

“High Class Woman” finishes on a high with its catchy upbeat lyrics, high pitched vocals and wailing guitar. The percussion is fantastic, as is the vocal finale; it went straight on repeat and left me wanting more of the same.

It would be pretty difficult to ignore Inglorious’ varying musical influences and this second helping is completely dripping with them. That being said, they have the talent and diversity to pull it off – singer Nathans vocals ensuring they produce a sound that is easily distinguishable.

With 12 tracks, this album is longer than average – the two disc edition featuring a DVD with coverage of last year’s performances at Donnington alongside two music videos and behind the scenes footage. This is without a doubt a fast paced, high energy release, musically and vocally more seasoned and finely tuned, but still with an unmistakable edge. During an interview with the band last July they intimated that I would notice a difference in the next album and they weren’t wrong…

Review by: Karen Hetherington

Score 10/10 


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