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Sandness – Higher & Higher Review

Released by:  Sleaszy Rider Records 

Release Date:   Out Now!!!

Genre: Hard Rock



Line Up:
Mark Denkley (Bass & Vocals)
Robby Luckets (Guitar & Vocals)
Metyou ToMeatyou (Drums & Vocals)



1.You Gotta Lose
2.Street Animals
5.Sunny Again
6. One Life
7.Light In The Dark
9.Perfect Machine
10.Monster Inside Me
11.Play With Fire
12.Will You Ever


Sandness is an Italian Hard Rock band that started back in 2008. The band’s line-up went through some changes over the years, and the only one who seemed to have the same ambitions of the founding members was Robby Luckets, who joined the band in 2009 and is now Sandness’ lead and rhythm guitar player. During the last few years the band has achieved a good success both in Italy and abroad, and they had the chance to play as support band for renowned musicians such as Adam Bomb (2010), L.A. Guns (2011) and Tygers Of Pan Tang (2015). They released their first demo “Return To Decadence” in 2010, but it’s with the second one, “Life Without Control” (2011), that they started their rise to success all over the world thanks to the digital media.

In 2011 Sandness went on a short tour in the Latvian capital Riga and in 2012 they played the renowned “Glam Fest” in Marseilles, France. In the past few years, they also went on several European tours (2013, 2014 and 2015) and gained fans from all over the Continent. Their first official album “Lik An Addiction”, was released worldwide on 5th April 2013 by Sleaszy Rider Records, with which their record contract has been renewed in 2016. Sandness’ second album is called “Higher & Higher”.

So, nowadays, the band takes things a bit further with its second album which is entitled “Higher And Higher”. The sound of Sandness is heavenly influenced by the late 80’s hard rock/hair metal scene with some ‘punkier’ elements as well. The vocals are raw, in-your-face and the guitars are powerful with nice solos and heavy riffs. Of course, the new wave of Swedish hard rock ‘pinches’ are here as well giving an extra attractive flavor to the final result.

The good opener “You Gotta Lose” will take your attention as the second track “Street Animals” Great hard rock music with a nice chorus that makes us sing. More darker is the track “Promises” while “One Life” is totally 80’s hard rock, a really pretty song in this “Higher And Higher”. The amazing “Light In The Dark” is an instrumental track while “Heat” is so electric. Super catchy are “Perfect Machine” and “Play With Fire”.

Sandness are another fresh band into hard rock music, influenced by Motley Crue, Crashdiet, Poison, Michael Monroe, Hanoi Rocks, W.A.S.P., L.a.Guns, Cinderella and many more.

Nothing particularly new but their rock is simply catchy and cool.


Written by: Valeria Campagnale 

Rating: 8/10      


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