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Derek Davis – Revolutionary Road Review

Released by: Apocalypse Records

Release Date: 7th March 2017

Genre: Hard Rock

Links: Official Site , Facebook


Line Up:

Derek Davis: all instruments, vocals, arrangements and production


Track Listing:

1. Revolutionary Soul

2. Rapture

3. Valerie

4. Think About It

5. Love and Abuse

6. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down & Out

7. Vicious Heart

8. Woman’s Gotta Have It

9. King of Fools

10. Picture of Love

11. Stop! Wait a Minute

12. All the Roads


Derek Davis, the captivating front man of Babylon A.D. has released a solo album entitled “Revolutionary Soul” via Apocalypse Records during March. The album contains twelve brand new songs. Each song has elements of funk, R&B and hard rock which give this album a deep and inspired soul.  Derek’s voice deepens that soul. In this very surprising new work, Derek conveys huge attitude through his voice and sometimes you could swear it was David-Lee Rothas singing.

“Revolutionary Soul”, the title track, it has a funky soul in ala James Brown. Simply a brilliant piece of music that accentuates his groovy voice. “Rapture” has a morbid feeling to it. Different music where Derek’s voice takes the shape of the notes, he can certainly adapt his voice to every style. “Valerie” is such a beautiful track. It is a cover of the Winehouse’s classic and is done well. Derek’s interpretation manages to be better than the original as his approach to singing this song is very different.

“Think About It” reminds me of Terence Trent D’Arby’s voice. The catchy chorus mixed with a groovy sound enriches the track in the best way possible. Derek continues to surprise us with “Love And Abuse” where trumpets are mixed with his raspy voice.

“Nobody Knows You When You’re Down & Out” is a bit like Jimmy Cox with some rock sounds and guitars riff has made this song stronger. “Vicious Heart”, is a good song where music and vocals drag you to a soft imaginary world.

And all too soon it is time for the vibrating “Woman’s Gotta Have It”, a Bobby Womack cover. “King Of Fools” is another great and emotional track.  It has rhythm and dreamy music with vocals which give a sense of peace. “Picture Of  Love” is the most groovy song of the entire album. It has an appealingly good sound and lots of soul in this track.

 “Stop! Wait A Minute” is another beautiful song. It takes you on another voyage of fancy deep into the soul of this album.

“All the Roads” ends this amazing album with a firm voice, lively and deep music. Derek Davis will amaze you with this extraordinary solo “Revolutionary Soul”. It is a surprising album which is filled with a great feeling. Go check it out and listening to it loud.

Written by: Valeria Campagnale 

Rating: 9/10 




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