Interview with Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein and Alex Story of Doyle

A fun interview with Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein and Alex Story, as they talk all things Doyle, Misfits and silliness....

Interview by: Pam and Mark Schaff

Photos: Pam and Mark Schaff


MGM : So you’re about to release the follow-up to Abominator, ‘Doyle II: As We Die’.

Doyle : We are, on June 2nd, we missed the deadline for turning it in because we were in Europe on tour, well we’re always late. (Laughs)

MGM : Cool, I saw that you put out a teaser video for the new song today.

Doyle : Today it was? I saw it the other day, I think it was yesterday.

MGM : I thought it was today, maybe I just seen it today. But it looked cool as hell.

Doyle : We shot two videos, Alex was real sexy in them.

Alex : I was, I was very sexy.

Doyle : And, yeah we’ll see what happens.

MGM : So other than being a sexy video shoot, how was it shooting the video?

Doyle : Cold, it was cold. Alex was sexy, Brandon was sexy.

Alex : It was cold.

Doyle : It was cold, I was grumpy.

Alex : He was grumpy.

Doyle : He had to talk me into doing it.

MGM : When is that coming out?

Doyle : We don’t know anything.

Alex : I think in a couple weeks.

Doyle : We’re on a need to know basis.

MGM : You had a few guests on the new album ‘As We Die’.

Doyle : Yes, we had Randy Blythe of Lamb Of God on the song ‘Virgin Sacrifice’. From Arch Enemy we have Alissa White-Gluz and Michael Amott on the title track ‘Kiss Me As We Die’.

MGM : Nice!

Doyle : Yeah, It’s gonna be a great record. Coming out on EMP, owned by David Ellefson of Megadeth. June 2nd, 2017, ‘Doyle 2 : As We Die’

Alex : So Good!

Doyle : It’s so good, I can’t stop listening to it.

MGM : If it’s half as good as ‘Abominator’, Then it would be pretty damn good.

Doyle : It’s twice as good as ‘Abominator’, How about that?

MGM : That works!

Alex : We’ve got Brandon on it.

Doyle : Brandon ‘The Crusher’ Pertzborn.

Alex : The greatest rock-n-roll drummer going. Period!

MGM : Definitely, I watched videos people posted on Facebook of you doing a drum solo during the set. They look and sound great.

Brandon : Ahhh. Thank you!

Doyle : Look how cute he is too, that’s our baby boy.

MGM (Laughs) Definitely can’t wait to see you tonight doing your solo.

Doyle : Oh, he’s gonna do a solo, he’s gonna do two solos tonight.

MGM : Two Solos?

Doyle : I’m feeling it, I’m feeling two.

Alex : He’s gonna do three!

MGM : So we saw you’re going to be in a new movie ‘Death Ward 13’.

Doyle Yes! ‘Death Ward 13’, Alex is going to be in it too.

MGM : Oh really, it’s a scoop, did not see that.

Doyle : Yeah, he’s coming to Hollywood. Going to Hollywood.

MGM : Top secret!

Doyle : Alex going to Hollywood!

MGM : So what characters are you playing?

Alex : It’s all top secret right now, but then me and him are going to make buddy comedies.

Doyle : Buddy comedies, yeah.

MGM : So you and Alissa could do a romantic comedy.

Doyle : (Laughs) I don’t know about that!

Alex : Yeah buddy comedy! It’s gonna be awesome!

MGM : Nice! (Laughs)

Doyle : We’re going to call it Grumpy guys.

Alex : Yeah two grumpy guys.

MGM : Sweet! So you can’t really say anything about the movie?

Doyle : Oh, there going to pay us to kill people.

Alex : Yeah, yeah, we get to kill a lot of people.

Doyle : And we get paid for it. Instead of doing it on the sly.

Alex : From what I understand is its sort of a remake of ‘Don’t Go In The basement’. A classic horror film, with some new, fangled kind of stuff, but I mean it’s kinda being developed, so we don’t know a lot about it.

MGM : So you guys don’t know when you’re going to shoot it yet?

Doyle : Nah, I don’t know yet.

MGM : Well we’ll be looking forward to seeing that when it comes out. Being vegan, do you find it hard to find food to eat when you’re on the road?Doyle : Look at this, bam, look at that. (Pulls a Nutter Butter from out of his bunk)

MGM : The last time I saw you, you were like “Where’s the chicken wings?”. I looked at you like, a guy who looks like you probably don’t eat many chicken wings. (Laughs)

Alex : He eats Nutter Butters by the sleeve. By the sleeve.

Doyle : By the sleeve.

Alex : By the skid.

MGM : Well we’ll see you guys soon. You’re literally going to be down the street from us in June, in Niagara Falls.

Doyle : Ah Yeah!

MGM : Nutter Butters it is, put in your order.

Doyle : Nutter Butters, all the way.

MGM : I wanted to ask, How many sticks of gum does it take for you to be able to blow those big ass bubbles onstage.

Doyle : Let’s find out, (Doyle opening sticks of gum) I’ve been doing six lately. I don’t know why. I usually do three to five.

Alex : Makes a good bubble. If it ain’t a good bubble it ain’t a good show.

Doyle : You have to chew it at the right time before the show, or you’ll never have it.

MGM : See we’re hoping to get a good photo of the bubble.

Doyle : Yeah, go for it.

MGM : Do you find it hard to work out on the road?

Doyle : No, we are sponsored by a company called Power Block Dumbbells. They give us these dumbbells that adjust from 2-2 1/2 to 9 lbs or something like that. They give us the bench and stuff, whatever we want.

MGM : And we have a friend that wanted to know what they have to do to get a chest like yours?

Doyle : (laughs)

MGM : What kind of exercise do they have to do to get a chest like yours?

Doyle : It’s been a long time, it’s been like 43 years. That’s all.

Alex : Consistency.

Doyle : And Genetics.

MGM : Are you still building your own guitars?

Doyle : Only when I break them, I build them back up. Looking at a couple companies maybe, when we get off time. There’s a company I want to go to, it’s in Tampa. I want someone else to make them, I don’t want to do it.

MGM : Did you see that Electrical Guitar Company? They do those aluminum guitars.

Doyle : Aluminum?

MGM : We seen Wino from the Obsessed the other night, he had one. Buzz from (the) Melvins plays one. A soon as I seen them I thought Doyle. But you know, Doyle may still break aluminum. You need something indestructible.

Doyle : (laughs)

MGM : So I’m going to ask the question you’re probably very sick of, but, The Misfits? Anything going on with Glenn and Jerry?

Doyle : I am not at liberty to say!

MGM : Can you give us a wink? (laughs)

Doyle : I’m not affiliated with that organization right now.

MGM : But if something was in the works you’d be game for it?

Doyle : Oh yeah, I’m ready to go! I want to do it! It’s just got to be right, that’s all. That’s all there is to it.

MGM : if you weren’t a musician, what occupation could you see yourself in? I know you used to be a machinist.

Doyle : I would be, um, what’s that thing when you got a sugar momma? What do you call it?

MGM : Pimp! Oh, Wait!

Robin : Sugar Baby?

Doyle : Sugar Baby!

MGM : There you go! You would make a very intimidating pimp!

Doyle : Sugar baby to a really beautiful woman, with a lot of money.

MGM : And Alex what would you be doing? If you weren’t doing this right now?

Alex : Probably masturbation!

Doyle : (laughs)

Alex : Or um, I have little dogs I would be playing with. Or heavy amounts of illegal narcotic substances. That would probably be what I would be doing right now if I wasn’t doing this right here.

MGM : At least he’s honest! (Laughs)

MGM : Are you guys planning on playing any songs off the new record tonight?

Alex : Yes we are going to play a track off our new album that comes out in June, and it’s fabulous just like the record. And we are also going to play a nice surprise cover song that we enjoy. And we always pull out random Misfits stuff that we just kinda come up with as we’re going. Sometimes we don’t even know if we know how to play them, we just go. Well, he knows.

MGM : Well we look forward to hearing all of that tonight, that’s for sure.

Alex : yeah, we like to keep it spontaneous. Makes it more fun!

Doyle : Yeah!

MGM : Awesome! That’s about all we have, can’t wait to see the show tonight. And thanks for sitting with us!


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