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Thiago Bianchi – Arena Review

Released by: Metalville

Genre: Metal    

Release date: 31 March 2017



  1. Intro (Voices)
  2. The Scar Is the Pay Off
  3. Trust Me
  4. Nova Era
  5. I Live
  6. Woman In Chains
  7. Learn to Let It Go
  8. Glance
  9. Mr Caretaker
  10. Adore
  11. Spoiled
  12. Hear
  13. Life is…
  14. To Choose


Veteran Brazilian musician Thiago Bianchi has decided that being a member of three different bands is clearly not enough work to keep him busy and as such decided to create an album that can showcase his solo talent, and raise money for a good cause as well. The fact that it also showcases Brazilian Heavy metal is also a plus.

Opening with a musical Intro (Voices), you soon have an idea of what to expect from this album, as the intro soon gives way to “The Scar is the Pay Off”. This transition between songs continues throughout the album and shows Thiago Bianchi’s prowess as a producer and mixer of the album, instead of just a Vocalist.

In fact, the entire album flows so seamlessly from one song to the next, it feels as it could be one very long song. As the album progresses Thiago Bianchi takes a break from all of the vocal duties on “Woman In Chains”, instead of sharing the microphone with Maria Odette to feature her amazing vocals. It was not a surprise to find out that Maria Odette is Thiago Bianchi’s Mother, and shows that vocal talent can indeed be passed down the family genes.

Each song on this album is equally as good as the next, with many of the songs having musical participation from other high profile metallers from the Brazilian scene, which along with Thiago’s production skills gives this album a great sound that can be listened to all day, and you should.


Reviewed by Kalli Isborne

Rating 9/10


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