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Kobra And The Lotus – Prevail I Review

Released by: Napalm Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Metal



Line Up:

Kobra Paige (vocals)
Jasio Kulakowski (guitars)
Brad Kennedy (bass)
Marcus Lee (drums)



1. Gotham
2. TriggerPulse
3. You Don’t Know
4. Specimen X (Mortal Chamber)
5. Light Me Up
6. Manifest Destiny
7. Victim
8. Check The Phyrg
9. Hell On Earth
10. Prevail


Canadian heavy metallers Kobra and the Lotus introduced us to their sound with 2010’s debut ‘Out of the Pit.’ Since then, they experienced significant changes both musically and through different lineups. We have seen this evolution from their third studio album 2014’s ‘High Priestess.’ Now, three years later, they unveiled their most ambitious project yet with ‘Prevail I.’ The first of a two-part album, which the second is expected to be released within the next year. It could be argued that ‘Prevail’ is their strongest effort yet, as it contains energized hooks, catchy rhythms, and differentiated vocal arrangements.

You will be hooked from the get-go as the album opens up with “Gotham” along with its gratifying guitar chords. It slowly moves into a heavier and fun tune which features a few melodic breaks and a hint of doomy interludes. It’s well suited to be placed as the first track since the melodies continue to flourish making the listener think, “this album is awesome.” Kobra Paige’s vocal range shines in the next “Trigger Pulse.” The tune itself features a poppier melody, reminding you of a pre-’Maximalism’ Amaranthe. The pop style doesn’t last too long as it breaks down to another heavy track.

The album continues to move on a high note with the next “You Don’t Know.” It features a decent amount of melodic changes to keep the listener entertained. Many should relate to the lyrics as Paige screams out phrases such as “Did you ever think for a second, I’m only human too?” and “You have no perception of all the struggles I have been through.”   

The feeling of torture and torment continues with the next “Specimen X (Mortal Chamber).” Lyrically it seems that they are setting a landscape for one’s own personal mortal hell as you hear words such as “My deepest secrets are exposed,” “I’m vulnerable, bleeding uncontrollably,” and more. There’s a silent break towards the middle which takes the listener away from the darkened emotion as a bold symphonic sound break in, kicking off a progressive-like instrumental arrangement. “Light Me Up” follows in next with its slow and yet intensified introduction. It transitions towards a different rhythm that proves nothing sounds the same on this album.

The second half starts with a free-flowing guitar solo in “Manifest Destiny.” It’s an uplifting tune as the lyrics hold a great message for the listeners including, “Breathe in the fullness of running with the choice to let it go.” It can be interpreted as reminding someone that you only live once and you should manifest your own destiny. Things move towards a different outlook on life in the next “Victim” song. The emotional tune expresses how there are no second chances in life, and you should never throw it all away. After two emotional and advice setting songs, the album shifts with the instrumental piece of “Check The Phyrg.” It’s a fun instrumental break, and parts of it could remind the listener of Exmortus’ Beethoven cover of “Moonlight Sonata.”  

The album ends on a high note with two back to back heavy tracks “Hell On Earth” and “Prevail.” Both are complimented with a catchy momentum and powerful guitar chords making anyone hungry for the second part of ‘Prevail.’ Typically, albums do need additional listens before the listener grasps its idea and sound. However, you will love this album from the first listen. There’s an incredible amount of meaning behind each song while the arrangements are moved differently, providing no filler or repetitions.


Rating: 9/10


Written By,

Zenae Zukowski


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