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Lux Lisbon release new animated video to ‘Keep Me Wild’

Lux Lisbon are a English 4-piece who do harmony laden indiepoprock songs made with tag-team-boy-girl vocals, under the influence of Dog is Dead, Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen, Bloc Party, Simon and Garfunkel, Billy Bragg, Florence and Manics lyrics.

They are the first 100% DIY band to sell out London Scala in advance. 2015 also saw sold out gigs at Bush Hall and 3 nights at the Lexington.

Lux Lisbon is a 100% DIY proposition, no label, manager, booking agent, publicist, or outside funding – absolutely everything is all handled by songwriter Stuart Rook, a laptop, and savings from the day job.

But as Frank Zappa once said “talking about music is like dancing about architecture” so instead of this nonsense, why not, for absolutely nothing, download their 10 track ‘Get Some Scars’ EP (Special Edition), their are various versions, once of which will work on whatever device you are reading this sentence on, in 20 seconds tops. Do it.


Stuart Rook – Vocals, Songs


Charlotte Austen – Vocals, Bass
Tom Cooper – Guitar, Vocals
Jamie Shaw – Drums


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