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Seether – Poison The Parish Review

Released by: Canine Riot/Concord

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Rock




01. “Stoke the Fire”
02. “Betray and Degrade”
03. “Something Else”
04. “I’ll Survive”
05. “Let You Down”
06. “Against the Wall”
07. “Let Me Heal”
08. “Saviours”
09. “Nothing Left”
10. “Count Me Out”
11. “Emotionless”
12. “Sell My Soul”


Poison the Parish is the new album by Seether. Just in case you don’t know these guys from South Africa:

Shaun Morgan – Vocals/Guitar (Frontman)
Dale Stewart – Bass/Vocals
John Humphrey – Drums

These guys have been around for 15 years, however, this is the first album entirely produced by the band’s singer/songwriter Shaun Morgan and this is also the first release from Morgan’s new label imprint Canine Riot Records via Concord Music.

Seether also announced the 5th annual Rise Above Fest which was co-founded by Morgan and is also the largest suicide awareness event in the world. This festival takes place for 2 days in July 2017 at Darlings Waterfront Park in Bangor, Maine.

Pooling their universes together to make their 7th studio album is what makes this a great album to hang out with and enjoy, which showcases their history and a wide spectrum of influences.
This 15 track project opens with some ominous dark riffs that bring it right in your face and sets the tone for the rest of the album perfectly with the first track, “Stoke the Fire”. Tearing straight into the second track “Betray and Degrade” keeping its hooks in you.

After having the opportunity to catch these guys on the festival circuit already this year, I would have to tell you to get off your ass and go see these guys. They put on a great show, it was the best vibe ever, standing in 50,000 people singing along, with an age span of an 18-year-old in a bathing suit to 50+-year-old golfers rocking out. I personally can’t wait to catch them at a smaller venue this summer for a more personal rendezvous.

The rest of the album is a perfect slideshow of all the musical talents that these guys dig up and serve you hard and heavy. Some of the tracks that stood out to me are: “Misunderstood” – Starting with an unexpected tune from the “country/between” genre, with a lesson in life choices

“Sell My Soul” – in my opinion, this is the new age version of “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”
“Something Else” is a rock anthem tribute/salute “Nothing Left” is a statement of truth in society today  Check out their upcoming tour dates at:

Also, special thanks to Amy and the crew over there for bringing this to us.


Written by: Richard Hooks

Rating: 8/10


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