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Hydronika – Alberi Dai Muri Review

Released by: Rockshots Records
Release date: October 14, 2016
Genre: Hard Rock
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Filippo De Luca – basso
Vins Provvido – batteria
Mario Fava – chitarra
Umberto Lume – voce e synth


1.La caduta
2.Contro tempo
5.Radio Caroline
6.Ti sento
8.Occhi chiusi


Hydronika is an Italian band that makes good Rock, focused on good composition capacity.

In 2009 the album “Attraverso”, self-produced and available in a free download from group’s official site, reached more than 10,000 downloads. After seven years, the band has come back with this valid disk.

With their new album “Alberi Dai Muri”, the band reaches their third, independent, album. In this work, these musicians maintained their musical line, with a significant increase of their music progress.
Hydronika’s lyrics are known to be unique and their brand of rock is made of classic but mixed with other genres, all of which leads the band to be far superior to so many Italian musicians.

Hydronika in contrast to other Italian rockers, the band is not very well-known as the big names floating in our Peninsula and it’s a shame because the group has a remarkable ability.

The band keeps their melodic rock as their main source but at times sound something between a mix of pop and even progressive rock. Mario Fava does a great job on the guitars, as always, being the driving axis of the band. Of course, Umberto Lume also stands out in a good way and gives his own mark as well.

The album contains eight tracks where merge different musical experiences in each one. The track “Radio Caroline” is a tribute to the English pirate radio of the mid-60s.

The English radio station that still exists, was born for the need to convey contemporary rock since at the time there was a law that banned it in prime time relegating the rock at night time. The rockers who founded it grew tired of this situation, used a boat to transmitted music from their radio pirated rock station.

The real Radio Caroline contacted the group, after Umberto Lume, the singer of the Hydronika, sent the youtube link, airing the song, judging him a nice homage and an “excellent piece of music”.
Among the tracks, a tribute to one of the most recognizable Italian Pop bands, Matia Bazar, with a good rock version of their song “Ti Sento”.

The production is good pondering that’s an independent work. This band is quietly respectable with its very pleasant rock.


Written by: Valeria Campagnale

Rating: 8/10


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