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Accept – The Rise of Chaos Review

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date: August 3rd, 2017



Mark Tornillo – vocals

Wolf Hoffmann – guitar

Peter Baltes – bass

Uwe Lullis – guitar

Christopher Williams – guitar



Die By the Sword

Hole in the Head

The Rise of Chaos


No Regrets

Analog Man

What’s Done is Done

Worlds Colliding

Carry the Weight

Race to Extinction


German metal dinosaurs Accept are far away from getting rusty, with band leader Wolf Hoffmann and his fellow band colleagues actually being extremely busy over the last years. After many years of in a hiatus, the band returned in 2009 with a new singer and a very welcomed new album. Mark Tornillo, known from his days with legendary TT Quick, took over vocals and it was his voice that fitted in a perfect manner to the Accept’s powerful metal known from past and present. “Blood of the Nations” was the first studio album of this renewed line-up, a record that ended a 14 years lasting period of basically no new songs from Accept.

The success of the comeback record, together with a successful tour, created a big appetite for more. Band and fans were highly enthusiastic which led to a successor called “Stalingrad” in 2012, followed another two years later by “Blind Rage”. In order to make hay when the sun is shining the band continued working on new material which will get out of the gates in beginning of August.

“The Rise of Chaos” is the title of Accept’s fifteenth studio album and it features ten new songs. This release builds on some of the band’s typical trademarks, with some other things being a bit different this time. Let’s start with the latter. “The Rise of Chaos” is the first longplayer that includes Uwe Lullis, the new guitarist who replaces Herman Frank. Next to Lullis it is Christopher Williams on drums representing, together with Accept-icon Peter Baltes, for the new rhythm engine of the Teutonic powerhouse. It feels like the two new guys being perfectly integrated into the band, also being a refresher with adding some new energy. As not expected differently, Accept fires again on all cylinders. Next, to these line-up changes, there is also some consistency in personnel issues. Not only that Hoffmann, Baltes and Tornillo are still the crucial core of the band, also like with the last records it’s Andy Sneap who produced the newest strike, providing the band with their typical Accept sound. In the end, I guess it is this mixture of fresh and well-known that makes “The Rise of Chaos” to an exciting metal experience that will be loved by old and new Accept supporters.

The disc starts with “Die by the Sword” which is an uptempo opener per excellence. Melodic guitar line, heavy riffs and the typical ‘ohohoh’- sing-a-long sections – all included. Songs that follow a similar pattern are the title track and “What’s Done is Done”. Next, to these faster tracks, the album also includes more moderate paced tunes. “Hole in the Head” is e.g. a grooving beast, being the perfect headbanger and also “Analog Man” is built on the same approach. This number comes with a chorus only Accept can add to a song, reminding of the “Monsterman”-days. All this is excellent metal stuff and it brings me to another song I have to mention as well – “Koolaid”. This anthem sounds like Accept by also being slightly different from the rest of the material on “The Rise of Chaos”. I felt like being transferred back to the earlier days of this Solingen-based metal outfit when records like “Breaker” and “I’m a Rebel’ decorated the shelves of the local record shops. But it also reminded of AC-DC-like hard rock with an enormous punch. We’re talking about a driving metal track with gritty guitars and a hard working rhythm section, giving the song a highly grooving expression – for me one of the best tracks on an album that doesn’t know any filler. This song has the potential to a constant factor on future setlists.

“The Rise of Chaos” shows Accept in an excellent shape and form. The guys still seem to have a lot of fun with what they are doing which is a promising fact while looking forward to the upcoming live shows. Two thumbs up.


Reviewer: Markus Wiedenmann

Rating:  9/10


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