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One Desire – One Desire Review

Released by: Frontiers Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Melodic Rock



Line Up:

Jimmy Westerlund – guitars
André Linman – lead vocals
Ossi Sivula – drums
Jonas Kuhlberg – bass guitar



1. Hurt
2. Apologize
3. Love Injection
4. Turn Back Time
5. Falling Apart
6. Straight Through the Heart
7. Whenever I’m Dreaming
8. Do You Believe
9. Buried Alive
10. This Is Where The Heartbreak Begins


We at MGM would like to humbly apologize to the band One Desire. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we somehow missed the boat on reviewing your new album. I blame myself mostly. I’ve been taking a sabbatical from writing (possibly a permanent one,) and assumed someone else would pick up my slack and take the reigns on this album. I’d already been hearing tracks from it online as well as hearing the buzz about it shortly after its release about how amazing it was, how it would surely be an Album of the Year contender. I even went and heard the whole thing on Spotify and just filed it away as a great listen, but no need to write about it. Sadly, I was wrong. I beg your forgiveness, especially in light of re-visiting the album once tasked with writing this so late in the game.

One Desire, as so many other great AOR bands have begun, came to life through one person (in this case drummer Ossi Sivula) trying to gather together a collection of capable musicians to work on some demos for a project he had in mind. Slowly but surely he added folks like Jimmy Westerlund on guitars, singer André Linman, and bassist Jonas Kuhlberg and hammered out this album of fantastic AOR. But really, this shouldn’t simply be viewed as a “fantastic AOR” album. There is so much potential for appeal here for such a huge cross-section of music fans. Yes, the AOR crowd will certainly be the first in line to snag this one (as I’m sure they already have,) but people that have an affinity for 80’s Pop, 80’s Hard Rock, current Power Pop, and even some of the more melodic newer Country bands (minus the Country twang of course) should find something here to appreciate. All four members deliver in a huge way on their respective instruments, but it is the combination, that chemistry, on top of such brilliant tracks as “Hurt,” “Buried Alive,” and “Turn Back Time” that are instantly catchy and memorable, that deliver that perfect, “feel-good” soundtrack that every summer needs (hell, all the seasons need it!) I’m not sure if it will top my list of Best of 2017, but it’ll be pretty damn close.

One Desire, with their s/t debut, shows a maturity and keen sense of melody right out of the gate. Without a doubt, this will be a band to keep an eye on. If this is what they’re capable of on their debut, there’s no telling what the future holds for them. Since it’s already out, and been out a bit now, if you’ve not already picked this one up, I implore you to do so. I will admit that the lyrics are the one sticking point for me in regards to making it a “perfect” album, but I can even tolerate those enough to give it a high mark.


Written by: Chris Martin

Rating: 9/10

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