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Rex Brown – Smoke On This Review

Released by: eOne Music

Release Date: July 28th, 2017

Genre: Southern Rock/Hard Rock



1. “Lone Rider”
2. “Crossing Lines”
3. “Buried Alive”
4. “Train Song”
5. “Get Yourself Alright”
6. “Fault Line”
7. “What Comes Around …”
8. “Grace”
9. “So Into You”
10. “Best of Me”
11. “One of These Days”


I must say that there is nothing better than coming back from my Sophomore Slump to a soundtrack as fun, cool, diverse and dirty as my own mind. Of course, this album is Smoke On This – the new solo release by Sexy Rexy (Rex) Brown.

Once again this is a performer where I read their book first before actually hearing anything they had ever performed except for anything Down (which is like the second best band in the world after Corrosion of Conformity but not forgetting Iron Maiden).

I was so happily surprised to also find out that Mr. Brown took on the 6 string as his WOMD instead of bass. Once again proving that cross-pollinating any Down member to a further musical endeavor is exactly what Mother Nature Rock and Roll requires.

“Lone Rider” is the first song on this treat to kick my summer off just right. I like the way Mr. Rex and Roll makes sure to offer us a good haul before heading into this extremely cool album that travels through many genres of rock and roll – never forgetting that extra order of heavy on the side.

From smoky vocals to a right proper beat to shake your booty too – Mr. Brown’s new addition to all things that fucking rock is so welcome.

“Crossing Lines” is as dirty and greasy as you would expect Rex the Texan to serve up if this was his saloon. “Buried Alive” leads us in with almost a Zeppelinesque intro and melodically works its way through the storytelling with ebbs and flows of hard and soft – all adding up to yet another great tune on this album.

Wait There’s More!!!!

I honestly could praise this album from start to finish – however – where’s the fun in that for all you guys?

“Train Song” sounds exactly like that – a song full of heavy riffs chugging though – taking no passengers and full steam ahead. Where “Get Yourself Alright” slows it down to a smokey hazy jam that is a perfect fit for such a haul. Most exciting for me was “Grace”. From the hazy smoky vocals to the guitar tone that makes me wish my name was Grace. Thoughtful, poignant and really something far sexier than I thought cousin Rex had in him – BRAVO!

Overall – this album is such a wide spectrum of musical versatility that not only Rex Brown fans will enjoy it. Everyone needs to give this one a listen.

Rex is back, he’s on his own and I’m digging this jam even if I am into edibles!


Written by: Marianne “Den Mother” Jacobsen

Rating: 10.5/10

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