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Rock Alliance – Rock Alliance Review

Label: Perris Records
Release date: Out Now!!!
Style: Hard Rock
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01. Rock and Roll Resurrection
02. Bad News Travels Fast
03. 3 Men 3 Horses
04. Radio
05. Kick
06. Not on Me
07. Bring the Fight
08. Everything She Wants


Line up:

Stewart Sutherland: Bass of Black Stone
Eric Langlois: Vocalist of LIFT
Marco Bressette: Guitarist of Protest The Hero
Kenny Aronoff: Drummer of Bonnie Tyler, Meat Loaf, Eddie Money
Chris Moore: Drummer of Endangered Species
Jason Pierce: Drummer of Our Lady Peace, Paramore
Phil Robertson: Drummer of Idle Eyes, Connie Scott, Ray Charles
Chris Sutherland: Drummer of Kim Mitchell, Sass Jordan
John Rabbit Bundrick: Keyboardist of The Who, Johnny Nash


After releasing several singles in recent years, Sutherland has decided to publish a full-length with the help of several session players, including the vocalist Chris Hodges, the drummer Phil Robertson (Idle Eyes, Connie Scott, Ray Charles), the guitarist Marco Bresette (Protest The Hero), To which they later added Eric Langlois (Lift), Chris Sutherland (Kim Mitchell, The Road Hammers, Sass Jordan), John Rabbit Bundrick (The Who, Bob Marley, Free), Chris Moore (Endangered Species), Jason Pierce (Our Lady Peace, Paramore)and the legendary drummer Kenny Aronoff (Bonnie Tyler, Aldo Nova, Meat Loaf, Eddie Money and much more).

In a nutshell, Rock Alliance is a super group that with this their self-titled debut album presents a classic rock with blues, brilliant guitar ‘riffs, and great vocals, that all mixed to create a good nucleus of eight songs.

“Rock and Roll Resurrection” opens the album, the music power it’s pretty high in it, great start for this track, energy from the git-go. The follower “Bad News Travels Fast”, is in the same mood, strategic guitars intertwined with such a bright voice, a very cool piece of music. “3 Men 3 Horses” give us good shaking, bluesy sound mixed with rock and brilliant emotions for hard rock die-hard fans. The fourth track “Radio”, is a good catchy song, that kind of song you’d like to listen more and more. The follower “Kick” is just a boost of pure energy, just a simply great rock’s example, a great song really.

Not straying too far behind on “Not on Me”, packs an impressive sound, great rhythm, and thrilling guitars, what more can you ask for?

Well, more good stuff comes via the feisty “Bring the Fight”, Speed Metal, Hard Rock, and Blues mixed together forming a driving sound, that kind of piece that surprises and provides the listener with the right touch on an album. As with anything good, always has to come to an end, the album is closed by the beautiful “Everything She Wants”, so eighties style and somehow fresh in every way. Great sound for this song, the right one to end this powerful album.

Excellent musicians together made this album with all their passion and admirable capacities.

What can I say more than that “Rock Alliance” is such a great rock album!!! Extremely recommended to all Hard Rock listeners, this record will enter your head and it will not leave for a long time. Listen to believe it!


Written by: Valeria Campagnale

Rating: 10/10


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