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TEN – Gothica Review

Label:  Frontiers Music Srl.

Release date:  7th July 2017

Genre:  Melodic Rock



  • Gary Hughes (Vocals)
  • Dann Rosingana (Lead Guitars)
  • John Halliwell (Rhythm Guitars)
  • Darrel Treece-Birch (Keyboards)
  •  Steve McKenna (Bass)
  • Max Yates (Drums)
  • Steve Grocott (Lead Guitars)


1. The Grail
2. Jekyll And Hyde
3. Travellers
4. Man For All Seasons
5. In My Dreams
6. The Wild King Of Winter
7. Paragon
8. Welcome To The Freak Show
9. La Luna Dra-cu-la
10. Into Darkness

“Gothica”, the thirteenth album for English hard-heavy band Ten, is absolutely one of their most interesting works. Ten propose an articulated album impregnated with goth literature, dark atmosphere and historical references across ten tracks.

The opener “The Grail”, leaves it impossible to stay anything other than fascinated by the great sound of this heavy, almost epic song. If Ten’s intention was to amaze, they perfectly did it.

The second track “Jekyll And Hyde”, is more rock in style, the Stevenson’ tale fascinates and drives lyrics in music as much as it does drive writers to cinematic scripts as well. Pretty cool song with such a good music, with the intersect of the three guitars, catchy chorus and refrain, a possible future hit single.

“Travellers” is the first single from “Gothica”, enigmatic intro for this brilliant song that reminds us of the older works of the band.

“A Man For All Seasons” with its medieval style intro, another epic track for this interesting album. A song focused to show the power sound of Ten.

Just amazing hard rock for the fifth track “In My Dreams”, brilliant song that winks to the Gary Hughes’s solo works, a succeed cheerful song.

Totally different is “The Wild King Of Winter”, a grim dark sound wraps this song, where the sound is still so hard rock and where it is a pleasure to lose yourself in it. Perhaps the best song of the entire album.

“Paragon” is the Ten’s mirror. Piano, voice, the entry of each instruments and this melancholy dark atmosphere. Another great shot for Ten.”Welcome To The Freak Show” is another nod to Hughes’s solo carrier, great, great song, the simply heart of rock and roll with a seductive voice.

“La Luna Dra-cu-la”, second to last track, a funny Italian / English title and refrain for another rock flash, great guitars and groovy style.

Last track, “Into The Darkness”, how any grace in a song! No words to explain how amazing is this piece, another song where Ten hit the target.

“Gothica” is exactly what to expect from a band like Ten. This band is probably way too underestimated, in my opinion. They’ve given us another great album full of brilliant songs, good vibrations and the right feelings to approach Ten one more time and for their future albums. I can easily include “Gothica” into my personal list of best albums of the year.

Written by: Valeria Campagnale

Rating: 8/10

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