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Stan Bush – Change the World Review

Released by: LA Records

Release Date: September 22nd, 2017

Genre: AOR/Melodic Rock



Line Up:

Stan Bush – Lead vocals and backing vocals
Holger Fath – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Tom Walsh – Drums



1. Change The World
2. Warrior
3. Born To Win
4. Never Surrender
5. The Story of Love
6. Live Your Dream
7. Break These Chains
8. The Other Side of Love
9. Dare
10. The Touch
11. The Secret


When a band or artist is known for one song I can only imagine that puts them in an odd predicament. Think about it: your main goal is to create the music from inside your soul in the hopes that it connects with people all over the world…hopefully in large numbers. The so-called “One Hit Wonders” achieve this, however it’s that one track and for the rest of their careers that one song will be forever linked to them, and they really only have two choices from hence forward: either try to ignore that “one hit” and continue trying to create the next one or totally embrace the hit and do as much as they can through it. Certainly, there is always a gray area somewhere in between, but most instances that’s how it turns out. In the case of Stan Bush, not only has he embraced his hit “The Touch” and added it to several releases over the years (including re-workings of the track,) but he has also maintained an astonishing career, perhaps never attaining the same level of notoriety as he did with that song, but has consistently released some excellent albums.

Change the World, Bush’s latest AOR offering is perhaps his strongest yet. One of the best parts about the songs he creates (and not just the ones he writes specifically for a soundtrack) is that he has the ability to create music that is strong, catchy, and cinematic. What I mean by this is, when you hear the song you instantly visualize the “story” of the song. Of course, you can also imagine many of them being the perfect back drop for a workout montage also, but mostly Stan Bush creates soundscapes that impact the listener emotionally. There are four tracks contained here that have spanned his career and they are the aforementioned “The Touch” and “Dare” (both featured in the 80’s Transformers movie,) the track “Warrior” from the Shadow Warrior 2 Video Game, and “Never Surrender” from the movie Kickboxer. As for the remainder of Change the World, it is full of songs as equally powerful as the previous songs. From the opening title track, a full on song of inspiration, to other tracks delivered in that powerful delivery Bush is known for like “Born To Win,” “The Secret,” “Break These Chains,” and the tender ballad “The Story of Love” he has created an album that very much feels like his benchmark, the album his whole career has been working towards. With Tom Walsh on drums and Holger Fath providing the rest of the instrumentation, both men enhance the AOR legend’s songwriting abilities and powerful voice.

Stan Bush may not be a household name, despite the lasting legacy of his song “The Touch” (I’d wager there are a ton of people that know that song the instant it starts yet would struggle to name the man responsible for it,) but he should be. He has paved a career in the AOR world unparalleled with such a deep catalog of music. Change the World is his 13th album and demonstrates the fact that he truly is one of the best at what he does. This really is a tremendous album from Mr. Bush and deserves to have a massive audience, so make sure it gets one by buying it as soon as it’s available. This is such an immense album it is sure to be near the top of many Best of 2017 lists come December.


Written by: Chris Martin

Ratings: 9/10

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