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Castle – Welcome To The Graveyard Review

Released by: Castle

Release Date:  July 15,2016

Genre:  Heavy Rock / Doom Metal/ Occult Metal

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Guitar/ Vocals: Mat Davis

Bass/ vocals : Liz Blackwell

Drums: Al McCartney



  1. Black Widow
  2. Hammer And The Cross
  3. Welcome To The Graveyard
  4. Veil Of Death
  5. Flash Of The Pentagram
  6. Traitors Rule
  7. Down In The Cauldron Bog
  8. Natural Parallel


Do you like heavy Sabbathian style riffs? How about doomy, haunting yet enchanting vocals? Then Mat and Liz have something for you. This is a band we’ve been listening to for a while now, and ‘Welcome To The Graveyard’, is the most recent stellar album this band has out-out. Forming in 2009, and having been nominated in 2013 for a Juno award for their album Badlands, they continue to release quality albums. Produced by the legendary Billy Anderson (Sleep, Neurosis, Eye Hate God). This is about forty minutes of pure metal greatness. This occult/doom band is riding on top of the genre right now, and rightfully so.

The album kicks off with ‘Black Widow’, a heavy hammering starts to the album before giving way to the song ‘Hammer And The Cross’. This is where the Sabbath like riffs really come into play.This song is a favorite among favorites on this record. Mat Davis pounds out a riff that you just can’t get out of your head.Tony Iommi couldn’t do this tune better himself. The title track ‘Welcome To The Graveyard’ is another riff filled song which clearly starts to define a pattern to this album.

‘Veil Of Death’ has an eerie sound to kick it off than gets laid to waste and turns to a hard, fast-paced song with Liz’s haunting vocals screaming over the top of Mat’s slashing guitar riffs. On ‘Flash Of The Pentagram’, Mat shows he has some vocal power, besides his great guitar playing.

The song ‘ Down In The Cauldron Bog’ is one of those songs, that if someone wanted you to tell them what song to listen to see what this band was all about, this would be the one you could turn to.Dark, Occult, Doomy, Heavy! Everything that makes this band thrive. It is the perfect representation of what they’re all about. The album finishes up with another riff-laden song ‘Natural Parallel’. A fast sounding, stoner vibe runs this tune before a gentle guitar eases you off and closes it out. That’s the moment your reach over and press play again because you just haven’t had enough yet.

Castle is out on tour again this fall supporting the album, we get the opportunity to see them again on September 20th, which will mark the third time in just over a year we’ve caught them live. And that still isn’t enough. They nail it every time. We can’t recommend enough that you go out and see them, and grab this album right now. It’s that good!


Written by : Pam and Mark Schaff

Ratings:  10/10


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