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Revolution Saints – Light In The Dark Review

Genre: Hard Rock / Melodic Rock

Label:  Frontiers Records

Release date: October 13, 2017

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Line Up:

Deen Castronovo (Drums, Vocals)
Jack Blades (Bass, Vocals)
Doug Aldrich (Guitars)



1. Light In The Dark
2. Freedom
3. Ride On
4. I Wouldn’t Change A Thing
5. Don’s Surrender
6. Take You Down
7. The Storm Inside
8. Can’t Run Away From Love
9. Running On The Edge
10. Another Chance
11. Falling Apart
12. Back On My Trail (live, bonus track on deluxe edition only)
13. Turn Back Time (live, bonus track on deluxe edition only)
14. Here Forever (live, bonus track on deluxe edition only)
15. Locked Out Of Paradise (live, bonus track on deluxe edition only)


Revolution Saints are back after their 2015 release and very well received self-titled debut album, their sophomore number titled “Light In The Dark”, available October 13th contains  a natural ascension of their genuine classic melodic Hard Rock staple.

More than just a simple trio, the cast features Deen Castronovo (Journey, Ozzy Osbourne, Bad English and Hardline) as vocalist, Jack Blades (Night Ranger, Damn Yankees and Shaw Blades) on bass and Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dio, Lion, Bad Moon Rising and Burning Rain) on guitars, encompassing the core of this fantastic line up.

“Light In The Dark” offers eleven tracks plus four other live tracks included on deluxe edition only.

The album opens with the title track which amazes with pure blissful melodies, powerful good vibrations and the positive mood it spreads all around. A really cool start, so catchy and a tune they carefully crafted as an album opener.

“Freedom”, the second track is heavier but it doesn’t miss of melody and class, on the contrary, with the addition of keyboards, this is another very good song to listen to. It’s also the second single from this album. “Ride On”, the third track, is another virtuous rock shot for Revolution Saints, how could one not simply love this band? Great guitars, respectable rhythms, and a formidable voice.

Fourth track, “I Wouldn’t Change A Thing”, excellent ballad, a passionate piece of music performed in such grandiose fashion, that it successfully touches my heart with great emotions, as I have a kind of allergy to this kind of song, all I can say is thanks to Revolution Saints for this song, this isn’t a common ballad, this is a huge song.

Time to rock again with the fifth track “Don’t Surrender”, so good, so brilliant, outstanding music in this ensemble. Who says rock is dead? “Take You Down”, the sixth track, another bright solid piece of Rock.

Another love song comes via “Can’t Run Away From Love”, a very good piece that doesn’t reach the level of the previous ballad. “Running On The Edge”, ninth track, features a pretty cool kick, strong enough and much catchier sound; one in which the guitars fascinate with smooth action.

An amazing penultimate track “Another Chance”, such a great song with solid and imperturbable Hard Rock. The record comes to an end with “Falling Apart”, an enjoyable song with echoes of the eighties, a good end for “Light In The Dark” as it contains a wide range of captivating tunes to wet your appetite.

The album will be available on CD, CD/DVD Deluxe Edition (includes live bonus tracks on the CD and on the DVD, footage from the band’s first-ever live performance captured at Frontiers Rock Festival in Milan this past April, a “Making Of” mini-documentary, and music videos for “Light In The Dark” and “I Wouldn’t Change A Thing”), Vinyl, and as a special Limited Edition Box Set (includes the Deluxe Edition CD/DVD.

Great new sophomore release for Revolution Saints, I’m sure it will land on some top lists of the year. I want personally to thank the band for keeping Melodic and Hard Rock alive and kicking.


Written by: Valeria Campagnale

Rating:  10/10


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