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Mother Engine – Hangar Review

Released by: Mother Engine

Release Date:  September 22, 2017

Genre:  Psychedelic/ Prog Rock


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Chris Trautenbach (guitar)
Cornelius Grünert (drums)
Christian Dressel (bass)



  1. Prototyp
  2. Biosprit
  3. Tokamak
  4. Weihe-Leerlauf


The German psychedelic, prog, krautrock band Mother engine is about to release their third full-length album titled ‘Hanger’. We had the chance to give it a listen early, and it’s fantastic. While there are only four songs on the album, they are all eighteen minutes or longer to clock in at well over an hour of heavy hitting stoner vibes. The fuzz is heavy and plentiful on this one. Heavy Psych Sounds made itself into one of the top labels for this genre of music. And it’s no surprise that this offering from Mother Engine falls into the same quality of work as all else from them.

The journey starts off with the trippy beginning of the song ‘Prototyp’. Numerous times you can feel the build-up to what should be a hammering riff filling your ears only for the music to back off a bit. Then it finally happens, and the riffs flow freely and a great groove makes this song flow. At about the midpoint of the song, it really takes off and hits some great riffs along the rest of its journey.

‘Biosprit’ has this great bass line to start it off. Some great groovy guitar work throughout this song. Again this song, like the first, has a bit of a slow feel to the beginning, it picks up speed and you feel yourself absorbed into the music. Striking the air guitar riffs as it goes along.

You get another cosmic start to the song ‘Tokamak’. This song has all kinds of feel to it. There is a real jazzy feel to it at one point before heading back to the heavy riffs that make up most of this album. This song has some of the heaviest riffs on the whole album, killer tune!

There is no slow start to the fourth and last song on here ‘Weihe-Leerlauf’. It pounds the heaviness right from the start. This is the favorite of the album without a doubt. There is, however, a bit of a Mediterranean feel in part of this song. Gives it a nice vibe.

In the end, if you’re looking for something that jams for over an hour, and gets you moving, then this is perfect and should fill that need easily. These guys are a great instrumental sounding band similar to Samsara Blues Experiment or Pelican. This album has a great feel to it and is highly recommended by us.It rocks at all times it’s playing. They’re going to be heading out on a six-week long tour of Europe to support the album, be sure if you live on the other side of the pond, you get out and see them live. We will if they come to this side for sure!


Written by : Pam and Mark Schaff

Ratings:  9/10


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