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Lynch Mob – The Brotherhood Review

Released by: Rat Pak Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Hard Rock



Line Up:

Oni Logan (vocals)
George Lynch, (guitar)
Sean McNabb (bass)
Jimmy D’Anda (drums)



01. Main Offender
02. Mr. Jekyll And Hyde
03. I’ll Take Miami
04. Last Call Lady
05. Where We Started
06. The Forgotten Maiden’s Pearl
07. Until the Sky Comes Down
08. Black Heart Days
09. Black Mountain
10. Dog Town Mystics
11. Miles Away
12. Until I Get My Gold 


My earliest memory of the enigmatic George Lynch’s, ‘Lynch Mob’, is of listening to ‘River Of Love’ which was the first single from the band’s debut album ‘Wicked Sensation’. I was living in LA in 1991 and gearing up for a night out at The Rainbow Bar & Grill, whilst dancing around my apartment to KNAC (the Los Angeles based heavy metal radio station)

Happy in our colorful, peacock world of the LA rock scene, little were we to know that the party poopers of our musical utopia, namely grunge, would soon be knocking at the door. But in the meantime, my life was all about Motley Crue, Slaughter, Poison, Dokken and …then came along Lynch Mob.

So I grabbed the chance to review this new offering by George Lynch – Guitar, Oni Logan – Vocals, Jimmy D’Anda – Drums and Sean McNabb – Bass….with anticipation. First up the opening track ‘Main Offender’ is an uncompromising and very loud gem for traditional rock lovers out there, a thundering bass line and rich vocals have me hooked!

‘Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde’ opens with dynamic drums and leads into funk fest guitar and provides quite an unusual off-beat chorus … takes a time to grow on you, but once it does .. it sticks with ya!
‘I’ll Take Miami’ …. Made me reminisce about that perfect track from Blue Murder ‘Jellyroll’, one of my favorites of all time….but soon transforms into a hard rocking good time vibe. The Rolling Stones-esque ‘Last Call Lady’, provides the perfect drinking song … and every rock album needs one of those!

Many of the song titles whetted my appetite, simply because they were so unusual. One of these was ‘The Forgotten Maiden’s Pearl’. This mystical offering makes you just want to shut your eyes and dream you are in India, so simple, yet so powerful in that simplicity.

The term ‘Stadium Rock’ says it all when describing the guitar orientated ‘Until The Sun Comes Down’……so come on a UK stadium guys!! ‘Black Heart Days’ & ‘Black Mountain’ are certainly darker than the other tracks….but delightfully tempting because of that, and deserve to be turned up to number 11 for sure!

The second of my inquisitive song titles was ‘Dog Town Mystics’ and boy does Oni Logan kick some ass with his vocals on this one….dirty, dirty DIRTY!!!

If it is a heart-wrenching rock ballad that you desire….look no further than ‘Miles Away’, once again Oni brings it all and more to this stunning song and the harmonies at the end are perfect.

Finishing with the bluesy, stomping, southern vibe of ‘Until I Get My Gold’….The Brotherhood opens and exits, in my view, with the best tracks on the album.

Lynch Mob are happy to continue grasping the mantle of traditional feel-good rock, whilst moving with the times. Together with modern super bands such as The Dead Daisies, Lynch Mob are pushing away the grey, checked flannel ghost of grunge and bringing the positive hard rock to the fore once again!

Definitely one for your rock utopia music collection


Score: 9 out of 10

Review by: Francijn Suermondt



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