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Aaron Buchanan and The Cult Classics – The Man With Stars on His Knees Review

Released by:  Aaron Buchanan

Release date: 25 May 2017

Genre: Alternative/Indie



Aaron Buchanan -Vocals

Laurie Buchanan – Guitar and vocals

Tom McCarthy – Guitar

Mart Trail – Bass

Paul White – Drums



01. Show Me What You Are Made Of

02. All the Things You Have Said and Done

03. Dancin’ Down Below

04. The Devil That Needs You

05. Journey Out Of Here

06. The Man With Stars On His Knees

07. A God Is No Friend

08. Left Me For Dead

09. Mind Of A Mute

10. Morals

11. Unnamed


This is a stunning debut album from Aaron Buchanan and the Cult Classics. Self-released by the British rockers, The Man with Stars on His Knees, is categorized as Alternative/ Indie. Don’t let this put you off, it is by far heavier than that, it is classic rock at its best. The Album opens with deep reverberations akin to those you would expect from Muse, although at 1:23 Show Me What You Are Made Of, isn’t quite long enough to show us exactly that. Strong guitars and drums welcome us into track two, All The Things You’ve Said And Done, which does show us what Aaron Buchanan and the Cult Classics are made of, and its rocking! Dancin’ Down Below is the song that, in my opinion, will get the live crowd on their feet. With a rousing chorus and a rocking beat you cannot but help to want to dance and sing along with this. You have just enough time to get your breath back before you are hit hard by another rocking tune, The Devil That Needs You, which is rapidly followed by  Journey Out Of Here, which reminds me of 30 Seconds to Mars, definitely no Indie here.

The album title track, The Man With Stars on His Knees, appears halfway through the album and is also the longest track on the album. This is also the anthem on the album, with a powerful chorus performed capably by Aaron Buchanan, you can hear the Queen influences clearly in this track. A God Is No Friend, compliments the previous track with its slowed down tempo and meaningful lyrics. The pace quickly picks up again with Left Me For Dead, before the heavy beats return in Mind Of A Mute. The album finishes with Morals (unless you have the version with the unnamed bonus track) and finishes the album off nicely.

At a length of 33 minutes for the full album, this is a quick listen, but you will want to have it on repeat, for several weeks. And for those wondering about the bonus track, all I am going to say is ‘It rocks’ So go and purchase this album and ignore the Alternative/ Indie genre this has been labeled with and enjoy some great rock.


Written by: Kalli Isborne

Ratings: 9/10

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