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Sweet Crisis – Live At The Junction Cambridge Review

Released by: Headline Music Studios

Release date: 29 September 2017

Genre: Rock



Leo Robarts – Vocals

Piers Mortimer – Guitar

Dave Cullen – Drums



01. Awakening

02. Ways Of Your Love

03. Rapture

04. Shadows

05. Take Control

06. Fight About Nothing

07. Future Seeds

08. Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

09. Last Man On Earth


To release a live album designed for your fans to appreciate is a brave move, to release it as your first ‘proper’ album is an even braver move.  Hailing from Cambridge, Sweet Crisis opted for home advantage to record this live album. Opening with instrumental Awakening before crashing into Ways Of Your Love, if it was not for the crowd noises you can vaguely hear, you would not realize this was a live album. The production standards of this album are higher than some live albums of ‘bigger’ bands I have listened to. Ways Of Your Love allows lead singer Leo Robarts to show off his vocal range, which judging by this track is an impressive range. Following this is Rapture, with some smooth grooves and electronic touches thrown in this track still manages to rock. Shadows supply a blues vibe to the proceedings, as well as dropping the tempo slightly, you can clearly hear and feel the guitar on this track. Take Control is another medium tempo track but has a beat that you cannot help but feel in your soul. Fight About Nothing picks the pace up again, with its strong lyrics and rhythmic beat, this is a dance along to the song, as well as reminding some of us that fight about nothing can, and do, escalate. Future Seeds is a classic rock tempo number which happens to be the longest on the album, and after a while, it does feel like it.

The gig and therefore the album is closed by a cover of Indeep’s classic disco track Last Night A DJ Saved My Life, followed by Sweet Crisis’s own Last Man On Earth. The cover of Last Night A DJ Saved My Life was surprisingly rocky, in a good way, with Leo’s voice easily coping with the 80’s classic one-hit wonder track. Last Man On Earth has a nice groovy baseline that is easy to bop along to, and a chorus that is easy enough to sing along to. A great track to finish both a gig and live album with.

You need to listen to this album loud, as loud as if you were at the gig itself. Surprisingly you can feel the energy the band emit during their set through this album and let’s be honest if they are this good through an album, how good must they be live. I for one would hope to find out.


Written by: Kalli Isborne

Ratings: 9/10

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