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Triggerfinger – Colossus Review

Released by: Mascot Records

Release date: 25 August 2017

Genre: Rock


Line up:

Ruben Block – Vocals, Guitar

Paul Van Bruystegem – Bass

Mario Goossens – Drums



01. Colossus

02. Flesh Tight

03. Candy Killer

04. Upstairs Box

05. Afterglow

06. Breathlessness

07. That’ll Be The Day

08. Bring Me Back A Live Wild One

09. Steady Me

10. Wollensak Walk


Colossus is Belgium Rockers Triggerfinger fifth studio album, coming three years after the release of By Absence of the Sun. Opening with the title track, you soon get a feeling for what you are getting from this album, and that is 36 minutes of banging rock tracks that will have you dancing in your chair. Colossus opens with a riff that you will struggle to prevent turning into an earworm, along with a very simple chorus that even I managed to sing along to (yes, it’s one word). Following Colossus comes Flesh Tight, which somehow manages to insert the best word in the English language into the lyrics, Lollygagging. Candy Killer has an extended intro in comparison to the rest of the tracks on the album, and as one of the shortest songs it does detract slightly from it, it almost feels as if it is being used as filler, but no killer. Upstairs Box ups the tempo, and has the electronic feel of a car advert, yes, I was envisioning a sporty hatchback driving through the city between bars and clubs to this track. Afterglow is a soothing, relaxing track, one suitable for the bath. However, don’t expect the same from Breathlessness, as this is more haunting than Afterglow. That’ll be the day follows the same vein as Breathlessness, before being beaten into an upbeat bush by Bring Me Back A Live Wild One, which I was almost mistaken for Tina Turner’s Nutbush City Limits from the Intro, thankfully that was soon rectified by a great track. Steady Me prepares you for the end of the album by slowing things down, before you get to final track Wollensak Walk. Upon hearing this for the first time I initially thought WTF, as it was unlike anything else on the Album, but do not despair, hold tight and allow the track to play through to the end, for after a short silence you are rewarded for your patience with a neat little secret track that will have you almost jiving.

All in all a great little album which should grace anybody’s rock collection, if only for the use of Lollygagging, which I shall now be trying to use in my everyday vocabulary.


Written by: Kalli Isborne

Ratings: 7/10

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