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Kinjiru – 4D Review

Released by: Independent Release

Release date: 31 October 2017

Genre: ESP Metal

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Tony B Stone


Track Listing:

01. Never Ever

02. Come Join the Freaks

03. Safeword

04. Voodoo Sex Doll


Through my years of travelling and living abroad, I have thoroughly enjoyed the fusion of rock and techno.  I even line-danced at a Prodigy gig once, with a dear friend of mine, to ‘Smack My Bitch Up’, random I know, but we soon had a circle of both amazed and dismayed punters clapping and smacking us bitches on the back … so well worth it!

When living in Amsterdam I found that I rather enjoyed Goa Trance, I often dig out ‘Edge Of Time’ by S.U.N Project to reminisce.  But apart from the Prodigy, Lords of Acid and Ministry, I have struggled to find the perfect industrial/dance/rock collaboration … until now ….

‘Kinjiru’ (a Japanese word meaning to forbidden) is the name of a new musical project from South Devon based ‘Demons Of Old Metal’ producer and frontman, Roger B.

Roger has been hands-on with all musical and vocal aspects of this thunderous EP from guitars and bass to percussion and production, with help vocally from Yuko Evans on ‘Never Ever’, which as it happens, is the opening track.  Brilliantly manic from start to finish, ‘Never Ever’ rips through you with a hard-core fast-paced techno beat combined with speed metal guitar and drums.  Boy does this guy scream like he means it too ….an awesome opener!

‘Come Join The Freaks’, would be the perfect soundtrack to the movie ‘Purge’  … think of that film and think of the feeling you have when watching it and voila!!!  This track is scary but pleasurable, a bit like eating the hottest chili in the world, it explodes on your taste buds ….. fades away…and then returns with vengeance. Heavy, Heavy, Heavy …..and bloody brilliant!

Next, we welcome ‘Safeword’ which is more melodic but is still a wonderfully delicious assault on the eardrums.   Hypnotic backbeat and mesmerizing vocals are here for your techno/speed rock house party of the year!

The speedy ‘Voodoo Sexdoll’ is the tongue in cheek tour de force at the end of this offering … with a pumping beat and great lyrics … I mean, “supernatural penetration”, fabulous dear fellow, fabulous!!!  This super sex charged track is a speedy industrial treat.  Brilliant !!!

For dancing like a loon and getting all your frustrations out at the end of the week … stick this on when you get home on a Friday and let all your stresses fall away in a ravishing rage of speed rock and techno deliciousness!!

Written by: Francijn Suermondt

Ratings: 10/10

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