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In This Moment – Playstation Theater, NYC on October 4th, 2017


Live Gig Review and All Photos by Zenae D. Zukowski



It’s difficult to categorize the Los Angeles metal outfit In This Moment. It feels like a lifetime ago when their debut album 2007’s ‘Beautiful Tragedy’ was released along with the 2009 single of the Blondie cover, “Call Me.” While we miss that heavier and crazier direction, the group has transpired towards a theatrical extravaganza since 2012’s ‘Blood.’ That album alone has gone platinum and the band is now signed with Atlantic Records.

We have seen their theatrical transition grow even further from 2014’s ‘Black Widow’. However, their latest effort ‘Ritual,’ which was released this past July has sparked more of a spiritual essence. With that said, In this Moment tends to bring their album to life on stage both visually and musically. They recently embarked on a headlining North American run with Of Mice & Men and Avatar as support and we were there for their NYC show on October 4th, 2017 at the Playstation Theater.

The evening kicked off with the Swedish circus metallers Avatar. Similar to In This Moment, these guys bring the show right to the stage as you see frontman Johannes Eckerström as the circus ringleader. They entertain the crowd in a 1950s classic horror fashion as though you are visiting an old-school freakshow. Meanwhile, they are performing tunes including songs from their latest effort 2016’s ‘Feathers & Flesh’ and are always a pleasure to see live.

Taking a break from the theatrics, Of Mice & Men were next to deliver songs from 2016’s ‘Cold World’ and more. It was interesting to see Aaron Pauley behind the mic since Austin Carlile left the group back in 2016 due to health issues. However, they dominated the platform delivering song after song while demanding the audience to form a circle pit during “You Make Me Sick” from 2014’s Restoring Force.

Time and reality were at a standstill the instant In This Moment walked on the stage. Between the fog and the mystical lights, it was as though the group was performing from the sky. Vocalist Maria Brink has excelled with her imagination and creative visions as the album ‘Ritual’ continued to unfold along with a few older classic tunes including “Blood,” “Adrenalize,” and “Whore.”

As a headlining act, the group had more time to have some fun on the stage including the Monster Jam which involved Metallica covers “For Whom The Bell Tolls” and “Creeping Death” along with a drum solo. There was also enough time for the Phil Collins cover, “In The Air Tonight.” In addition to having more time, the backup dancers performed as though they were an actual instrument to the music.

The group knows how to perform and execute a stage show like no other. Therefore, no matter how many times you see them live, you will notice something different. They surpass their tunes live as they bring theater, film, horror, a fashion show and everything in between.


Set List:

“Don’t Stop Believin'” (Journey song – Intro)
“Salvation” (Intro)
“River of Fire”
“Lay Your Gun Down”
“Monster Jam”
“Black Wedding”
“In The Air Tonight” (Phil Collins cover)
“The Infection”
“Sick Like Me”
“Oh Lord”



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