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Millenium – Hourglass: The Complete Sessions Review

Released by: Divebomb Records

Release Date:Out Now!!!

Genre: Metal



Line Up:

Shane French – Guitars
Ralph Santolla – Guitars (lead), Keyboards
Manfred Binder – Bass
Oliver Hanson – Drums, Percussion
Jørn Lande – Vocals



1. Power To Love
2. Wheels Are Turning
3. Hourglass
4. No More Miracles
5. Superstar
6. Rocket Ride
7. I Will Follow
8. I Still Believe
9. Masquerade
10. Chasing Time
11. Rain
12. Anybody
13. On And On
14. I Surrender
15. Jane
16. Love Is Like Oxygen


I gave my history of learning of Jorn Lande when I reviewed Life On Death Road earlier this year, so I shall bypass that. Instead I will revisit my learning more about his material after that first show. One of the first releases I introduced myself to was his lone album he did with the band Millenium. Just as I was overwhelmed by his voice on stage with Yngwie Malmsteen, as soon as I started this album I was captivated and instantly become a lifelong devotee of his. Since its 2000 release, Hourglass has been one of my absolute favorite albums his voice has graced (and he has done quite a few.) From the opening track “Power To Love” I was blown away at the magnificent voice and the high energy melodic metal it was the perfect culmination of voice, musicians, and song.
Divebomb Records is proud to unleash Hourglass: The Complete Sessions, a remaster of the original 10 tracks plus 6 bonus tracks, a fantastic booklet, and if you ordered early enough a very cool refrigerator magnet of the CD cover. The album sounds even better than ever, with the excellent work of remaster wizard Jamie King of The Basement Recording, and the  bonus tracks are an added plus. I’ve heard a couple over the years, but for the first time they’re all available on one CD. Admittedly it has been a bit of time since I had played this album, so it was like reacquainting myself with a long lost friend. Spinning this again showed me how this easily one of the best melodic metal albums ever released.
If you know this album, I’d suggest getting this version. It sounds so great, and is such an important album in the grand scheme of things. If you know Jorn, but somehow missed this one, or if you’re a fan of melodic metal, this is a must have. I can’t believe this was the only album he did with Millenium. Jorn and Ralph Santolla created metal magic on Hourglass, and the folks at Divebomb have created even more magic with Hourglass: The Complete Sessions. I give it 10 out of 10.


Written by: Chris Martin

Ratings: 10/10

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