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Kadavar – Rough Times Review

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Genre: Classic Rock

Release Date EU: September 29th, 2017


Line Up:

Lupus Lindemann – Gesang & Gitarre

Simon „Dragon” Bouteloup – Bass

Tiger – Drums



  1. Rough Times
  2. Into the Wormhole
  3. Skeleton Blues
  4. Die Baby Die
  5. Vampires
  6. Tribulation Nation
  7. Words of Evil
  8. The Lost Child
  9. You Found the Best in Me
  10. A l’ombre du temps


Berlin’s music scene is a vital one with quite some rock acts that belong to the best Germany currently delivers when it comes to classic rock. The Travellin’ Jack released a mind-blowing album some weeks ago, followed now by Kadavar’s newest landmark. The trio premiered in 2012 with a self-titled debut, the springboard for a contract with Nuclear Blast. From this moment one, the band had the prerequisites in place to move on, which they did. Two excellent records follow, which helps to a band to find some solid ground for gaining new fans and reaching a wider audience.

“Rough Times”, the forth Kadaver record, is a continuation of things, with the title track kicking off an excellent rock disc that belongs to the best ones this year. The opener marks an unpolished beginning, built on a heavy riff. The song itself is a great starting block for the album that stays in a raw mode with the addition of some excellently done vocal lines. After such a kick-start, Kadaver puts a foot on the break without losing intensity. „Into the Wormhole“ is slowly moving riff monster you should have heard.

Kadavar‘s newest strike combines the best of classic rock and metal, leading to the Black Sabbath inspired „Words of Evil“, a real smasher on the album with “Paranoid” cross-links. Also the psychedelic „The Lost Child“ is a warmly rolling rock experience that reminds in its calmer parts of The Doors.

„Rough Times“ doesn’t include any annoying songs. Listening to the album is a great way to spend some time with 45 minutes running time that include all you want to get in the fields of rock.

Kadaver created an excellent new album that will help the band in strengthening their position in rock. In case you haven‘t heard anything from the guys from Berlin earlier, I can tell you that you should listen to this terrific album. Classic rock and metal are livelier than ever.


Reviewer: Markus Wiedenmann

Rating:  8/10


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