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Pink Cream 69 – Headstrong Review

Released by: Frontiers Music SRL

Release date: 10 November 2017

Genre: Metal

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David Readman – vocals

Alfred Koffler – guitars

Uwe Reitenauer – guitars

Dennis Ward – bass

Chris Schmidt – drums


Track Listing:

Studio Album:

01. We Bow To None

02. Walls Come Down

03. Unite And Divide

04. No More Fear

05. Man Of Sorrow

06. Path Of Destiny

07. Vagrant Of The Night

08. Bloodsucker

09. Whistleblower


Bonus Live Album (Recorded In Ludwigsburg (2013):

01. Special

02. Talk To The Moon

03. Break The Silence

04. Do You Like It Like That

05. The Spirit

06. Livin’ My Life For You

07. Wasted Years

08. Welcome The Night

09. Shame

10. The Other Man


HEADSTRONG marks the 30th Anniversary of German hard rockers Pink Cream 69! And as a special treat fans are also provided with a bonus live album featuring songs from the band’s vast catalogue.

Opening with ‘We Bow To None’ and reminding me of 70’s Sammy Hagar, the positive rock vibe of this track is magnified with rip roaring guitar and powerful vocals which lead to an almost Dio/Rainbow finale.  Super beginning to this album … awesome actually!

The brilliant intro on track two, leads into everything you would ever need from a classic rock offering….neat riffs, perfect drumming, old school chorus with great harmonies and a wailing guitar solo…., I’m really starting to love these guys!

A shout out to ‘Unite & Divide’ which has the power and determination of anthems such as ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ but with a much more creative and heavy tone.

‘No More Fear’ opens with a rush of rythmic heavy guitar and contains interesting funky bass interludes combined with an echo of old Whitesnake in some parts ….very enjoyable

Slowing down and sounding a lot more contemporary, ‘Man Of Sorrow’ has the perfect balance of traditional classic rock harmonies and tempo ….. Excellent musicianship all round!

‘Path Of Destiny’, with its double bass drumming, speed metal style intro, thunders onto the end of a relentless journey of passionate rock poetry.

And the stunning ‘Vagrant Of The Night’ opens with a beautifully written classical guitar piece, hinting at Stairway To Heaven and ending with the crème de la crème of guitar solos.  A rock ballad which I actually enjoyed (as I’m not usually as massive fan).

The definitive ‘bad girlfriend’ track ..’Bloodsucker’ is followed by ‘Whistleblower’ a special finish to a VERY special cd.

Those generous Pink Cream chaps even offer a bonus live cd and I was mesmerised with the quality of what they produced.   This from a woman who decided years ago ‘Live Albums’ were the work of the devil and not in a good way!  

I have to give this  a 10 out of 10 ….I have not enjoyed such a perfect classic rock album for a long time….killer riffs, superbly strong vocals, the perfect rock harmonies …there is absolutely NOTHING to dislike about this album, I’m very impressed!!


Written by:  Francijn Suermondt

Ratings: 10/10

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