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Steve Walsh – Black Butterfly Review

Release By: Escape Music
Release Date: 10th November 2017
Genre: Rock
Steve Walsh: Lead and backing vocals, piano
Tommy Denander: All guitars and keyboards
Jerome Mazza: Lead vocals on tracks 5,7 and 11
Steve Overland: Backing vocals
Brian Anthony: Bass and string arrangements
Peter Yttergren: Drums and percussion
Track List:

1. Born In Fire (Duet With Jerome Mazza)

2. The Piper 

3. Grace And Nature

4. Dear Kolinda 

5. Winds Of War 

6. Tanglewood Tree

7. Now Until Forever 

8. Warsaw 

9. Nothing But Nothing 

10. Hell Or High Water

11. Mercy On Me 

12. Billy Carborne Is Dead 


Most Rock fans are aware of the history of Steve Walsh and his time as the vocalist in the brilliant Kansas singing on their biggest recordings including “Carry On My Wayward Son” and “Dust In The Wind”. He left the band in 2014 and “Black Butterfly” is his first release since, although he did record four previous solo albums. 
Steve Walsh is famous for his passionate, strong and clear vocals so its a surprise he sings on only 9 of the 12 tracks. The other three are voiced ably by guest vocalist Jerome Mazza (Pinnacle Point). Backing vocals are unmistakably provided by Prog legend Steve Overland (FM) and, overall, the vocal sound works very well. A special mention goes to Tommy Denander for his excellent guitar work throughout elevating the album from Pop-Rock to an overall heavier edge.
The 12 songs on offer are exactly what you would expect from such a well known and legendary member of the Rock establishment. “Born On Fire” opens the album with intent and has a particularly memorable hook which I was humming for the remainder of the day! The rest of the album follows suit and is both heavy and light at the right times. The songwriting from both Walsh and Denander is full of hooks and the musicianship is excellent and the whole album grows on the listener with each spin.
After retiring from Kansas, I am hoping there will be more music from this legend in the future before he truly hangs up the microphone for good.

Written by: Simon Kneller

Ratings: 7/10

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