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AOR – Rare Tracks & Demos Review

Released by: Perris Records

Release date: 5 October 2017

Genre: Hard Rock, Aor

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Frédéric Slama – All Instruments

Michael Kisur – Lead & Backing Vocals

Sarah Fontaine – Lead & Backing Vocals

Mélissa Fontaine – Lead & Backing Vocals

Mikael Erlandsson – Lead & Backing Vocals

Kelly Keaggy – Lead & Backing Vocals

Tommy Denander – Guitars, Keyboards

Michael Thompson – Guitars

Michael Landau – Guitars

Tom Keane – Keyboards

Abraham Laboriel – Bass

John Robinson – Drums



01 – Listen To Your Heart

02 – Mary Ann

03 – Lost In The Wrong Direction

04 – Heartless

05 – The Last White Wolf

06 – Dinosaur Moves

07 – How Will She Find Her Way Back?

08 – Tears In The Rain

09 – Secrets In Her Heart

10 – Desperate Dreams

11 – Carry On

12 – Closer To Zero

13 – Circle Of Danger

14 – The Crystal Heart

15 – Once Off Guard

16 – Dark Whirlpool


The all-star project AOR is back! Directed by Frederic Slama and released through Perris Records, their new release is entitled: “Rare Tracks & Demos”. The album contains 16 songs never before released and pre-production demos. Featuring on this album are many great vocalists ranging from names such as Mikael Erlandsson, Kelly Keaggy, Mélissa and Sarah Fontaine and Michael Kisur, just to name a few.

And many brilliant musicians such as; Tommy Denander (Guitars and Keyboards), Michael Thompson (Guitars), Michael Landau (Guitars), Tom Keane (Keyboards), Abraham Laboriel (Bass), John Robinson (Drums) have contributed to this excellent album.

I’m always skeptical when presented with this sort of album, particularly when past AOR albums didn’t excite me at all. This time, however, I have been amazed by the simplicity and the pureness of this album’s sound.

“Listen To Your Heart” is a very good song which has been done really well. It is the sort of start one expects from the artists of such magnitude. The same could be said for the track following; “Mary Anne”. It has a similar sound as to the opening track, which makes for another brilliant track. “Lost In The Wrong Direction”, is a bit more up-tempo but similar sound signatures are apparent. The album is made from the echoes of the ’80’s and pieces such as; “How Will She Find Her Way Back?”, shows us the true value the musicians featured on the album. I can truly say that this is a very special song.

There are so many other good tracks on this album from “The Crystal Heart” to “Secrets In Her Heart” and the beautiful tracks: “Tears In The Rain” and “The Last White Wolf”. It would be fair to say that the songs contained on this album, from the first one to the last track is very well done. And the closing track, “Dark Whirlpool” is a fitting ending to what is an excellent album. And more could not be asked for.

“Rare Tracks & Demos” is the best AOR album for now. It is full of melodies and cleverness, which has been made with fine style and class. When I started with this review, I mentioned that AOR’s previous work did not make me too excited. With this album, not only am I excited, but I greatly appreciate the talent of all the musicians contributing to this album. Compared to their previous work, this album lacks the glossy touches, it is rough but it is authentic. Which is the way the rock music should be. Frederic Slama has turned out a very good piece of work.


Written by: Valeria Campagnale

Ratings: 8/10



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