LA Guns – The Underworld, Camden, 2 November 2017 – Support: Burnt Out Wreck & Stone Trigger

There cannot be a bad word said against any of the acts on stage this evening, with each one giving their best possible performance....

Words & Pictures: Kalli Isborne

With gig season once again upon us, The Underworld is like a cosy blanket you use each winter, and tonight’s gig was indeed a warm one. Head liners LA Guns are due to play a classic set with maybe a couple of new songs thrown in for good measure, before returning to The Underworld in a couple of days’ time for an album release gig. However, before we get ahead of ourselves we have a couple of support acts to enjoy.

Burnt out Wreck

Opening the evening’s entertainment are The UK’s own Burnt Out Wreck. Hailing from Northamptonshire, the Classic rock band open with Debut Single Swallow. With the former drummer from Heavy Pettin’ Gary Moat, escaping from behind the kit to lead vocals and showing that he clearly belongs on the front of the stage, not just being able to sing these classic vocals, but also having the charisma to keep the, at the moment, small Underworld crowd transfixed. Their seven song, 30 minute long set, flew past in the blink of an eye. Classic 80’s style classic rock at is best with these guys.

She’s A Dirty Love
Pullin’ it Out
Rockin’ Man
She’s The One

Stone Trigger

Next up, Stone Trigger. Blasting onto stage with Children of the Night, these guys from Dublin start their set as they mean to go on. With hints of hard rock, sleaze rock and heavy metal coming through in their music this was thoroughly enjoyable. They reminded me of Black Veil Brides, just a better version, and more personality. The band did not stop moving across the stage, ensuring that every member of the audience could get as good a view as possible, although it did make shooting them fun, as soon as they were in shot they were gone again. Perhaps that’s how bands should be on a small stage with a support slot. Giving their all in the hope of acquiring some new fans. Well they definitely gained at least one.

Children Of the Night
Rattle your Bones
Black Venom
I Declare War
Gotta get It On
Shown Your hands
Larger than Life
Edge of Insanity

LA Guns

And so, for the main event, LA Guns. By this point The Underworld is heaving with expectant fans. With some wanting the expected classic set, whilst others desperate to hear some new material. The classic set fans are the ones that will leave Camden the happiest this evening, with all but one song an old one. The only new song is Speed, which is so classic LA Guns, if Phil hadn’t announced it was a new track you probably wouldn’t have noticed. Prince cover Purple Rain allowed guitarist Michael Grant to take vocals, before Phil Lewis took back vocal duties to complete the evenings set, but not before there was one more surprise.

For the last song of the evening the band were joined by Legendary guitarist Bernie Torme. This topped off the show perfectly. There cannot be a bad word said against any of the acts on stage this evening, with each one giving their best possible performance. The showmanship and quality shown by the headliners was replicated by both support acts and it was a shame for the evening to end. But end it did, but at least it was on a high.

No Mercy,
Electric Gypsy,
Hollywood Tease,
Over The Edge,
Bitch Is Back,
Sex Action,
One More reason,
Kiss My Love Goodbye,
Don’t Look at me that way,
Purple Rain,
Never Enough,
Jelly Jam,
Ballard of Jayne,
Rip and Tear,




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