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Airbourne live at Bristol 02 Academy – November 11th 2017

Review Francijn Suermondt / Rabbit Attack PR / Pics (C) Simon Kneller

Haunted Inn’s, Press Gangs and Tribal Chants…all in the name of Airbourne!

Surrounded by anticipation in the world famous ‘Hatchett Inn’, the enclave of pre-Academy gig rockers, I was revelling in the bursts of Airbourne gig tales from around the bar that were hitting my ears with aplomb. The rocker crowd were obviously in a flurry of excitement about the Aussie rockers from Warrnambool hitting the stage at the 02 Academy Bristol.

My rock buddy said that he felt like we were going to be press ganged at any minute, we were after all, in what is said to be the oldest pub in Britain, which used to have a door made from human skin and, by all accounts, is the most haunted pub in the UK.  

The 02 was the first venue to sell out on this, the last leg of the Breakin Outta Hell tour, and the place was absolutely jamming.  The tribal chanting of “Whoa Oh Oh ….” from the crowd before the expected and much loved opener of ‘Ready To Rock’, just cemented my view that Airbourne are clasping the baton firmly, and loving their role, as the caretakers of Australian rock from those legendary bands such as ACDC and Rose Tattoo.

Joel O’ Keeffe (vocals), Ryan o’ Keeffe (drums), Justin Street (bass) and the newest member Harri Harrison (guitar) exploded on to the stage with all the energy and electricity of which they have become known ….I truly have not seen such a reaction from a crowd, for a fairly new band, in the last ten years.

With appetites suitably whetted, the thumping intro of Going To Hell coursed through my body with glee and continued to vibrate my bones through ‘Too Much Too Young’, ‘Down On You’, ‘Rivalry’ and right the way through to ‘Breakin Outta Of Hell’…which to me, along with ‘Ready To Rock’ truly show how to rock a crowd to perfection.

You don’t get much better front men than Joel …..Constantly communicating with the fans and generally whipping them up into a delicious frenzy!  He even shared his drink with the front row as a tribute to Lemmy when playing ‘It’s All for Rock n Roll’……perfect!

UK rock fans have always loved the Aussie bands and thus have taken Airbourne to their dirty, partying hearts totally.  Joel, Ryan, Justin and Harri are continuing to celebrate the legacy of bands such as ACDC and Motorhead, by seizing the mantle of pure rock n roll and raising it up with tribal joy!


INTRO: Main Title from “Terminator 2” (Brad Fiedel song)
Ready to Rock
I’m Going to Hell for This
Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast
Down on You
Girls in Black
Bottom of the Well
Breakin’ Outta Hell
It’s All for Rock ‘n’ Roll
Stand Up for Rock ‘n’ Roll
Live It Up
Raise the Flag (With Let There Be Rock segment)
Runnin’ Wild

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