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The Obsessed – The Obsessed Review

Released by: The Obsessed

Release Date: November 17. 2017

Genre: Doom Metal



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Guitar/ Vocals: Scott “Wino” Weinrich

Bass: Mark Laue

Drums: Ed Gulli


THE OBSESSED’s Self-Titled Re-Issue



1. Tombstone Highway

2. The Way She Fly

3. Forever Midnight

4. Ground Out

5. Fear Child

6. Freedom

7. Red Disaster

8. Inner Turmoil

9. River Of Soul


Concrete Cancer Demos



 01. Concrete Cancer (Demo)

02. Feelingz (Demo)

03. Mental Kingdom (Demo)

04. Hiding Masque (Demo)


When we interviewed Wino back in April, he gave the heads up that this re-issue was coming, and he was pretty stoked for it to happen. Originally recorded in 1985 and released in 1990, it took 20 years for this legendary album to get to print again. Now completely re-mastered with previously unreleased bonus tracks, including the highly sought-after Concrete Cancer Demo, expanded artwork, never-before-seen photos and extended liner notes from frontman Scott “Wino” Weinrich, this is the definitive edition of THE OBSESSED’s Self-Titled debut, a true piece of Doom history!

Everything about this album screams doom from the first note. Wino’s distinctive guitar style and vocals shine through. When it comes to doom metal, not many do it (or did it) better than Wino. The first album, self-titled ‘The Obsessed’, was a landmark for the genre to take it to another level. Every song on here is a classic in its own rights, and it got the treatment it deserved when they re-issued it.

Relapse did a great job in creating a package that would stand up for what it needed to be. The vinyl version we got was limited to 250 on a purple and bone white merge with splatter, and we don’t think any of our other vinyl albums look better than this one. It had a great inner liner note, the front of the fold out was covered with old photos of the band, inside had the lyrics to all the songs, and on the back was the story of how The Obsessed was formed, from Wino himself.

Also released with the re-issue, was a separate four-song EP with the ‘Concrete Cancer Demos’ on it. This album also was in the purple bone merge with splatter, limited to 250 as well. And the liner note inside had more photos on one side and old show flyers on the back side of it. The whole thing looked amazing, and as a fan, we couldn’t ask for more.

As for the music, some of the greatest doom songs ever recorded have come from Wino, and this album more specifically. The album has stood the test of time, and the re-issue was overdue and needed for the new generation of doom metal fans waiting for it.

We had hoped when we first heard about this, that Relapse had plans for all the out of print The Obsessed albums going forward, and the great job they did on this one makes us only want that even more. But we also don’t want to keep looking back. The Obsessed is back, with Brian Costantino (Drums) and Reid Raley (Bass). The new album ‘Sacred’ is just another notch for Wino and the rest of the band. It’s great as well, and they are out on the road touring to support it, so make sure you get to a show and catch them live. We saw them earlier this year, and we will again later in December, they sound great right now.


 Written by : Pam and Mark Schaff

Ratings: 10/10


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